The Battle

Have you ever felt discouraged, and considered stopping your blog ? Discouragement is one of the favourite tactics of ‘The Enemy’. We all need to be wary of discouragement, and consider its possible source.

I was naive when I started this blog. I thought that all Christians would be supportive of moving closer to Christian Unity. This is not the case ! The people who are most in opposition to Unity are certain Christians themselves, as I have discovered, while blogging.

This should not surprise us. The Lord tells us to always expect the unexpected.

Shaken by some of the nasty remarks against Christian Unity which I received, I temporarily stopped blogging.

There is a spiritual battle going on, as we are told in Ephesians 6, and sometimes we are reminded of this, so we can keep our spiritual armour on.

I have felt the Holy Spirit at a Pentecostal church which served red Kool-Aid and crackers for communion. He was just as present at a Mass I attended in St. Peter’s Square where a crowd of 60,000 worshippers from around the world gathered.

The photo is of the sleeve of my army jacket which I wear while walking around our rural outport. I bought it second-hand, but it originally belonged to a real Canadian soldier, about my size.

May the Lord strengthen all his soldiers.

49 thoughts on “The Battle

  1. So glad to see you post 😊and not let some negative comments stop you from encouraging so many others through your blog. Yes, discouragement is definitely one of Satan’s favourite tactics.
    Soldier on Sally, we all must 👍🏼

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  2. I have felt discouraged, but never enough to give up. God made me stubborn. May he make us all stubborn in the right way, and may we pray for unity. Great post, Sally. Keep fighting the good fight. ☺ ❤

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  3. I agree it’s easy to get discouraged and especially when you receive a negative comment. I’ve decided to blog for myself and put out info that I hope will be of some help to others. As I get older, I find it easier to not worry about the opinion of others 🙂 Great post!

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  4. You’ve got this Sally. God just simply use this experience to give you more to write. What was intended for evil, God turned it around for good.

    Keep fighting soldier. I’m blessed with your stories 👑

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  5. Sally, I’m happy you have this block here and I just responded to your sweet comment on mine, but I want to spend some time on this article and respond properly in a while I hope OK! Great I can see that already! God Bless You!

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  6. First, good to hear from you. Second, regarding your title it reminds me that in addition to being a pastor, I am a pianist who plays mostly by himself, but recently God sent another musician my way and we have been rehearsing for several months now. And at the next venue, one of the songs that we are going to play has your title in it. It’s called, “The Battle is Not Your’s. It’s the Lord’s”. Beautiful song. Lastly, it is the unfortunate truth that some of the fiercest opposition comes from other “Christians”. And one verse of Scripture that has been a main stay for me is Galatian 6:9. It says, “Be not weary in well-doing. For in due season ye shall reap if ye faint not.” God bless.

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    1. Hi Perry ! Glad that you have been rehearsing with another musician, and that you will be playing “The Battle is Not Your’s. It’s the Lord’s”. Thanks for reminding us that the Battle belongs to the Lord, that we will reap in season if we continue in the well-doing that the Lord has assigned to us. I really appreciate your encouragement. 🤗

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  7. So glad to see you’re back! I’ve enjoyed your posts. I know we should just let negative comments roll off, but from personal experience, I also know it sure is hard to do this. Just know there’s a lot more people out there who like what you have to say.

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  8. Hi Sally! This is spot-on and totally genuine! Oh yes we both have been naive big time even as we get older! Just when I thought I saw it all or was home free I got body slammed in a manner of speaking and took some serious lumps all vis-a-vis other co-workers, supposed Christians, neighbors, political representatives, even a priest or two or some doctors all screwed me over excuse the expression but it was down and dirty and raw animosity or even hate! You and I know where that comes from and there is no doubt about it! The beast like a roaring lion is roaming the earth now more than ever before and uses all sorts of people as his minions or tools to get at the faithful especially. I was hurt and so sad by all of it but now like my so faithful Catholic rosary practicing beautiful woman am more determined than ever to not be budged a smidgen by any of the tricks being employed through these rabble-rouse derelicts! My dear friend you have witnessed what I did up close and personal and horrible stuff happened to me I mean very wrong and horrible to go through but they were wolves in sheep’s clothing! My resolve and faith have gown and I had a reverend I met online a while ago on another platform I no longer use tell me that him and I are alike in that we are warriors for Christ Jesus and I said yes sir Frank my brother we sure are all the way to the finish! I knew you are a wise and truly devout Catholic like my mother and you were just disheartened but not swayed from the mission. It is a shock and very sad to see how there are those that will use Christ as a tool for wickedness and anything to cause harm by being on the attack pretending they are so righteous and out to help but nothing could be further from the truth! I like you have been to any churches and the ones I attended that weren’t catholic were of our same mind-set of loving and worshiping Jesus our Lord and savior and each other. I knew the Holy Spirit was present in all of those encounters and if I thought otherwise i would have been out of there. We have to remember Jim Jones was a good wolf in sheep’s clothing fooling many and the Bible warns of this! Now in this out of control time we live it’s even more imperative to be on our toes and be vigilant. I prayed for you and will again, because when I see injustice and wicked causing any harm to anyone that is good I get very protective. I’ve had another cold just lucky not the bad flu going around here but I did notice that I was way off on my blog when I had transferred text from a few files I had used in writing that blog I copied the wrong one in a location where I was supposed to mention the prodigal sons. So you may like it a bit more and see some ideas I was trying to convey better when you do! Let’s keep the faith and I’m ready to sleep now but pray I will get much more opportunity to fight the good fight going forward and I’m sure you will be there too!
    God Bless you Sally. Sweet Dreams and have a beautiful Sunday! “Good Health to You and Your Entire Family!”
    Brother in Christ Jesus, 🤗

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      1. For sure Sally and many blessings! 🤗
        I found out the hard way there are way too many out and about that are backstabbers and they got the opportunity for then once with me big-time! That’s hard for people like us to understand but not worth trying they are damned too many of them, as being so cold and ruthlessness; not of Jesus at all! We know who does that with impunity!

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  9. Hi Sally,
    I read your post with a great deal of interest and I totally agree with your thoughts.
    I have experienced discouragement many times through the actions of Christians or supposed Christians.
    Discouragement is a tool used by the adversary who will use everything in his power to dissuade Christians from the reality of the existence of God and His Son Jesus Christ.
    Through prayer and reading the scriptures God will show his grace and goodness.
    May God truly bless you in your endeavour to help people come to him. 🙏🤗

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    1. Such an encouraging comment, thank-you. Thanks for reminding us that we all need to be alert when we are feeling discouraged. Prayer and reading the scriptures strengthen us, and the encouragement of other believers is so valuable. 🤗

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  10. I enjoy your blog Sally and hope you continue blogging. Jesus prayed for us to have unity and be one.

    John 17:21 NLT, “I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.”

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  11. Sally, I am happy you are here! I enjoy reading your blog! I think that the challenge some Christians have is the struggle to put what they are reading into practice in real life and this is the impediment to Christian Unity. It is one thing to believe what you read, but quite another to carry out those commandments in real life. Plus, some people have a tendency to “cherry pick” from the Bible. But I also think that we can spend an entire lifetime studying the Word and still not completely get it. I agree that it is a battle. In my experience, nothing good comes easy.
    Thanks, Rachel

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    1. Hi Rachel ! Thanks for your kind comments ! Yes, I agree, nothing good comes easy. And, encouragement from others is so important for all of us. Nice to hear from you, and I hope that your kitties are doing well. 🤗

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    2. Not all people that go to church and profess to be Christians are wholesome, sensible or even totally rational individuals. Just like in any human organizations or endeavors there are bad apples or depraved among righteous. I worked in a highly political government job for several years and that was the worst experience I ever had in any employment; with the cut-throat, hypocritical, mean, nefarious, jealous depraved individuals i worked among I learned the hard way how fake people are among us all. If I could have known how bad things would get I would have never taken the job. Same goes for church I think if I were in a church where I noticed any serious amount of phoniness or abnormal behavior of any kind I would be out the door. Overall you’re right and this isn’t an easy world to navigate through these days with this PC or tribal mentalities agendas and such, we have a sort of pressure cooking going.

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  12. ♡ Awesome!!! I also Suggest read The Book of Esther that doesn’t mention “God” at all yet Infers and Espouses The Power, Humility and Understanding of The Goddess that “God” so Often, in “HIS!!!” Human, Macho Manifestation as A Husband, totally IGNORES!!! leading to HIS!!! Dark Detriment and Depression that leads to HIS!!! RAGE!!! VIOLENCE!!! and WAR!!! 😣


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  13. Glad to see you are back, Sally. I missed your posts. We can’t let one bad egg make us give up our calling. As your blog grows you are going to get more trollers and bad eggs. Just delete and unfollow immediately and then mark them as spam. That is my solution to them.

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  14. Very nice! “The Enemy” reminds me of “Resistance” from Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art”, though I know you mean the devil. Glad to find other Christians people out here. God bless you and may you destroy The Enemy.

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