Lessons From A Chicken Sandwich

Do you sometimes eat to comfort yourself when you are stressed ?

I found myself in the kitchen having a chicken sandwich this morning at 1:00 a.m. I was over-eating, because earlier in the day I had done something that I never thought I would do – I was arguing on WordPress!

What prompted this was a blog post I read that was ridiculing rosary beads. The post, of course, was designed with the purpose of ‘ Catholic Bashing ‘, something sinful, that grieves the heart of God deeply.

One fellow Christian called me his ‘enemy’ Yes, it was not nice.

I have spent a year blogging with the purpose of encouraging Christian Unity. Most Christian bloggers I have interacted with have been marvelously supportive. I, who have no church home at the moment, have received tremendous encouragement from reading your posts. Thank – you!

I will close this blog site now, with thanks to everyone who has read and commented on the posts.

May God richly bless you, and may we work together as brothers and sisters in the Lord.

32 thoughts on “Lessons From A Chicken Sandwich

  1. I am sorry that you are closing your blog. I don’t use rosari beads but I don’t knock those who do. In fact, I welcome people and their ideas to my Church who are of different faiths because I am genuinely interested in them regardless to what they believe. I pray that God will continue to have His way in your life.

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  2. So sorry to hear that you are closing your site. I hope you do reconsider. There are so many of us who love what you write and are encouraged, reminded and learn something from what you share. I hope that you don’t forget that and let not something negative hold you back from the good you do through your writings.

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    1. Perth Girl you’re so right and I agree with you 100% you say in a few words what takes me a paragraph because I talk too much and I know it! Thanks for saying this to Sally and standing up for what is so right and good like you are doing! You are marvelous to do this! Thank you for working for God!

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  3. 🤗 Dear Sally, so beautiful and from the heart is this loving message and show of your integrity and faith! Now I’m hoping for once on WordPress I’m not thinking what I’m thinking you said! I was involved in this particular Blog Post you mention and I know full well the antagonistic and even hateful rhetoric which was being disguised as wanting to help us who see things differently than they do; but that was a lie and only what we know it was an attack and was spurred by darkness and evil. Yes the devil is at work even in this simple everyday matters to derail and cause conflict and pain wherever possible to further scatter the flock! The roaring lion seeking to ruin and destroy or devour all it can. Please do not allow the contemptuous and deceptive practice of the few to disrupt all of the good that is present in these undertakings as we must hold true to our mission to be servants of the Lord Jesus but also warriors that will not be defeated and I take this as perhaps you saying the latter in some way! I ask that you pray and fully consider all aspects of what was said and what your heart through Jesus Christ tells you is best. I think there is so much more to share and discover while brushing off the foul and disparaging mudslinging that has crept into all aspects of modern living and now is no time to quit! Restrict who and what you comment to or with but don’t fade away!
    God Bless You and I’ll Pray now that you are given His enlightenment to do His will.🤗

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  4. 🤗 🙏❤ Relax and pray on this Sally! I was very stressed yesterday over this same matter so much that I was way overdue to get my sleep after having little sleep the night before from my cold and other matters to then be so worn thin but agitated that I was beyond exhaustion and almost frail. Not good for the health at all but I’m a fighter as you know by now and I will use my last ounce of strength to take on evil and I have looked it right in the face; and very political evil where I live and told them kill me if you think you need to shut me up or get your way! I fear no man or power of this earth nothing else matters but God and His Glorious Power and He is all I should fear because He will decide if I’m worthy or not when my last chance here has expired.
    Rest a while, then come back to this and if you need calm soft discussion about this or any related matter my email address is listed on my homepage and you can feel free to say anything to which I will try to always be a gentleman and friend ;serving God to speak the way He wills that i do.
    Thank you friend and sister in Christ. 🙏❤ 🤗

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  5. Please don’t let a critic silence you! Just block their comments and move forward. I’m sorry that you were subjected to unkindness and unloving behavior wrapped in self righteousness. That is sadly ever the case on social media and I have been guilty of it myself. Keep right on being yourself! God bless!

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    1. Craig you are right and honest and I bet you’ve been a mean guy online like I have as well! This place can bring out the worst and the best in people which is the only reason I stay, for the good and to do some good as I mature and learn how to see into what is happening and what would God wants me to do to help or perhaps leave well enough alone! But there are those with a multitude of possible issues and head problems on here too, and top that off with actual evil on the prowl and we have one big shit sandwich to put it bluntly! These are the most trying of times and diabolical influences are running rampant and out of control! Look at the US Congress which we all knew was corrupt over the decades but never to the level that even many government minions are now boasting about their own contempt in plain sight and attacking viciously even a sitting President who is so far above them in doing good and a lot better behaved than most if not all of them yet they say he is the worst man on the planet! Why? To not have exposed what and who they really are and so they attack the one thing in their field of view that can do something about them and is their primary threat! I was working in a government job where I was viewed in that same way by hideous crony corrupted Dem minions that came after me several times until they almost got me killed on the job to make sure I went away. I went through all that because there are people all around us that are wicked and maligned and in my case not because of anything I did wrong or to them, but I only was very honest and truthful in the open and then they pounced seeing me as a threat to them or even out of pure jealousy and hateful animosity! You’re like me I’m sure and say to hell with that I will try to remain cool, calm and collected which is hard for me at times, but strong faith and using the mind God gave me put’s things in the proper perspective. But as I do I will hang in there and find or fight my way intelligently through all barriers to maintain my own integrity and worth not laying down for anyone, no way, no how! I fought my own legal case in the rigged court after the serious complex injury because I had to do it, and did good all things considered! Never had a law class in my life but I wrap my head around what I must and ask God to help me do the rest by faith alone, and I pray to Jesus, Mary, my departed loved ones and all who are out of this sick world to please hear my plea for help lost out here in this nightmare so I can rise above the problems and survive for another day! Someday this will all end for me and all of us but meanwhile it’s do or die! Thanks for this thought provoking response here! You spoke a great truth! Amen.

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      1. Yes, the world has long been broken and evil abounds, to the suffering and dismay of countless people, but my peace and consolation are that God is sovereign, the devil is defeated and on a short leash, and the only evil that can befall me is that which God has ordained to help conform me to the image of Christ and accomplish His purposes. I thank God for His Word in which I read that Christ said things such as these would happen but to take heart because He has overcome the world. So I worship Him alone as Lord even as I suffer along with everyone else, knowing that my time is short and there are lost that need to be found and multitudes living in darkness that need the light of truth to penetrate their night. I pray that my steps and words would be in accordance with His will and that my imperfect works would somehow be used by Him to reach those He is calling to Himself. I’m sorry for the ordeal you have been through and pray that the Lord would bless you and perform a work of healing in your heart. God bless!

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      2. Brother Craig, WOW! Absolutely to the heart of it and ultimate truth here my friend! God bless you for seeing as you do and now sharing this with me I not only applaud you but thank you from the bottom of my heart you are so wise and strong because you abide in Him and He in you! I hope you can share some of this with Sally she was so tormented by those people yesterday and I’m used to dealing with assholes and wicked people that came at me from all directions but she is a nice little lady and grandmother. I hope she has the courage to keep her account and just block the rabble-rouse minions that are so bitter and mean to hurt such a nice lady that way! I don’t know you at all and or your preferences but if you are Ok with it lets follow each other so I can keep up with what you’ve got to say moving forward! I want to actually go on here about what you said but I just got home a short while ago and I was going through emails and other such matters and now I’m running late, so when my down times comes later I will think more about all you said and hope to touch base!
        God Bless You and Yours!
        Rake care sir,
        Brother in Christ Jesus,
        PS really beautiful what you said it brings a tear here!

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  6. ❤ We faithful know our hearts❤are for Jesus and love Him as our Lord, Savior and Redeemer! We can be certain that because of this and being His elect we will see saboteurs come along from time to time attacking and doing the work of the serpent which they do from weakness having no power; but he the devil wants us to defeat ourselves, and I know from personal experience that all of his minions have no effect or power over me; I crush the head of the serpent under my foot just as Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane! They only hope to get faithful to relent or give up; and quitting for me is never an option, never! 🙏 ❤

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  7. Oh this makes me so sad to hear, I will miss your posts so so much as well as your encouragement and pics of your beautiful corner of the world. I pray that God will give you the direction you are to go in. We will miss you. Peace and blessings.

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  8. Sally its me I can’t shut up as usual! But this message just popped up in my face my friend and I know God is talking to us right now us!
    The End times are the time of the Church. For those who live in the Church and according to the Church, the End times are their “daily lives.” The saint experiences in his life all the dramatic signs of the End times, the wicked doesn’t because he lives far away from Christ. Again: “All who want to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” (2 Tim 3:12). These persecutions/temptations are part and a sign of the End times.” LifeSiteNews

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  9. Sorry you are leaving, and sorry you didn’t have more supportive dialog. I don’t follow any one religion. I try to learn from all perspectives. And certainly there is no reason to attack what others believe. Best wishes 🙂

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  10. I have only known you for a short time but I have found your blog posts very interesting and encouraging and I am so sorry to hear about your being ridiculed.
    There are many people who have their own agendas and attack those who have alternative viewpoints and unfortunately there ignorance has an effect..
    I really hope that you reconsider your decision because you have a lot to give to the world and a lot of support from others.
    I wish you well in your journey on finding a new church and I know how difficult that can be as well as every aspect of your life and my thoughts and prayers reach out to you and your family 🙏 😊👍

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  11. Please say it isn’t so and I’m misreading that you are leaving, Sally. Your heart is one that is so sincere and so genuine. My prayer is that you continue to encourage and that you never let His light be dimmed, especially here where you are truly loved and adored ❤️

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  12. ♡ You are loved Sally; and of course there are fucking nasty people out there…but that’s their problem NOT!!! yours; please stay 🤔 ?


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  13. Inasmuch as I understand how you feel, Sally, I do not support you close any of your blog post or blog. I do not find anything wrong with them. Many people are already benefiting from your daily inspiration. You are doing a great job and remember that even when you hide in the room, squeezed into a box and all closed up without a word, people will still criticise you – even when they do not see you. So, please do not allow this to disturb you. Do not fret or be stressed. Sometimes when it gets to that, ignore the comment. Take care and again, do not close your blog post, do not close your blog because of critiques.

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  14. I don’t believe in bashing another person for their belief. It is not godly. We can disgree in a respectful way. I personally do not believe in some of the catholic beliefs, but I left the judgement to God. He looks at the heart and not the outward appearance. I pray that you will not make one negative person cause you to close your blog forever. I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to them. I know you are hurting right now but spend some time with the Lord and allow Him to heal and rejuvinate you. 🙏❤

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  15. You are no Christian Mr. at all or if you ever were; you’re now a very confused wicked man! You state you seek to advise Sally to turn from an antichrist religion when you are being the antichrist! The Catholic Church has been around since the foundation of the Christian Church that truly got started in earnest immediately and has been the predominant Church since then with corruptions in it just like any organized institution on earth. Where do you get off thinking you have a perfect church, is it 100 years old or 500, maybe several hundred more than that? What makes it so perfect and correct and others even older and closer to the foundational beginnings are wrong? You don’t add up at all and you are influenced by evil and I see that plain as day; you were100% wrong to even offer your horrible opinion on a blog that had nothing to do with the way you worship or what you are praying to; so you needed to but out and not be condemning anyone or a church, but you failed in doing so because you are pompous and an ass! You are lucky you don’t live near me and I would run into you in a quiet isolated location; for even though I’m a Christian Catholic caring man I think you need a good lesson in manners! Stay away from blogs that are not of interest just like I stay away from those that I don’t agree with! That is where the rubber meets the road and God will deal with each accordingly; not you or me to decide who is doing better or not! I would hate to go near your church out of concern some demonic influences would-be floating about with the likes of you in it! GO AWAY! You got that cowardly devil!
    Bob Hope was a Catholic, C.S Lewis was a Catholic and so was John F. Kennedy along with countless great and good people with much more wisdom than you will ever have! And, I will die a devout practicing Catholic and you can die a fool which you are!

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  16. My darling. So grateful to have found you and that you continued with your Blog. Some comments are made on purpose to receive a reaction. Those comments don’t receive my approval, or response. They promptly go in trash or spam. Keep going. xxx


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