Healthy Aging Tip

Do you have a favourite chair at your house ? Ideally, it is great to have a chair of one’s own.

I knew, at the entrance to old age ( which officially begins at age 60), that I needed a healthy aging chair.

It is good to shop carefully for a healthy aging chair. I sat in many before I chose my chair. It is leather, (sorry PETA), and ergonomically designed, for maximum comfort.

Ideally, a healthy aging chair should have two features, one for rocking, and one for reclining.

You know those stereotypes about old people sitting in rockers?

It turns out that there are many health benefits of rocking , including stress reduction. Much information is available on the internet on ” Health Benefits of Rocking Chairs”.

A second feature of a healthy aging chair is a reclining feature.

Sitting in a reclining position is comfortable for many people, since, if the chair is correctly fitted to the individual, it can be comfortable to the back.

The chair was a major investment, but, now that I am half way between Old Age and Extreme Old Age ( which officially begins at age 80), I know that it has been a vital component of a healthy aging process. ( The picture of me on my blog profile was a “selfie” I took several months ago. ) I rarely photograph myself, but an occasional photo can be a record of how the aging process is proceeding.

Let us thank God for his many blessings, including comfortable chairs, and the blessing of reaching Old Age.

25 thoughts on “Healthy Aging Tip

    1. Hi LA ! I bought my first rocker when we were furnishing our nursery, and have always enjoyed them. Do you notice how the quality of a chair you’re sitting in can influence your well-being ?
      JFK had a chronic back problem and used a rocking chair that his Dr. recommended. ๐Ÿค—

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      1. I forgot that! My goal is to get one of those massage chairs….thatโ€™s my favorite part of a pedicure


  1. Sally, I have to agree with this great concept about how important chairs can be; and a chair being vitally important to comfort and having many health benefits especially as we grow older! I do have a favorite one which I purchased last year. It’s a La-Z-Boy, and yes leather too; an executive high back office chair that can rock and adjust up or down and is on castors so I can move around freely and quickly to a nearby file cabinet or other accoutrements where I tend to spend lots of time when writing or reading! Looks to me that you have the right idea and a more comfortable chair than mine to boot! Keep enjoying and blessings!


    1. Excellent, Lawrence. That sounds like a beautiful chair. A special chair like that is an excellent investment in comfort and health. I also blog in my special chair, on my little iPad which connects me to the world. ๐Ÿค—

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      1. Thanks Sally, I totally agree! Sounds like you get quite comfy and focus better of course that way on what you’re reading or writing while accommodating your own bodyโ€™s posture and pressure point relief! I now feel I get about that same benefit having this new chair but probably not quite as good as your beauty! Although if you saw what I used prior to this one which was a solid wooden chair sort of a heavy duty rocking chair construction without the rockers; which used to end up giving me back aches and all kinds of cramps, even have a leg going to sleep at times and getting up to get the blood flow going I would limp about a bit! But I was just being stubborn or subconsciously thought from my Ancient History courses or reading about Old World Warriors; I should try to be tough like the Ancient Spartans in Greece who would sleep on solid wood stone slab beds, lol and thinking I’m good with my old standard chair I wasnโ€™t in need of any change; but then one day I saw the light when I was in a major wholesale store and thought, โ€œam I crazy not having one of these chairs on display here for this discount price?โ€ I immediately said to myself, โ€œno I’m not crazy but I’m not leaving here without one of these chairs or I will be crazy upset later!โ€ So I got a store employee to ring me up for one and it came partially assembled; so I got it into my Jeep and when I got home I couldn’t get it set-up fast enough!!! Then came the moment of, โ€œAHHHHH, I love this; what took me so long!โ€ Needless to say I’m sitting in it now and what a world of difference! So you are spot-on about the chair importance and its one of the best investments to make for our body and comfort! Hope you are relaxing just dandy and thanks again for bringing this up, it got me remembering and now appreciating again even more! ๐Ÿค—


      2. Yes, Lawrence, I totally agree. A chair of one’s own does accommodate posture and eases stress on the body. It is dark here now. The ocean is gently singing.
        I have some tiny little lights up here – just little white Christmas lights, and I find them soothing. It is amazing how certain things can help us to self-nurture and feel relaxed. ๐Ÿค—

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      3. ๐Ÿค—Hey Sally, that sounds quite idyllic and I think I saw in one of your previous posts the lights near a window you set up! I love that atmosphere too and you being right by the seashore is amazing! I have a little walk to a cove nearby my home which I walk over to with my dog often, just did today and it was refreshing as well as good for my heart and soul! Very dreamy there it sounds to me; and I hope you are feeling great! Thank you again!


      4. Thanks for mentioning your dog. We are missing our Golden Retriever, who loved to swim in the sea. Golden Retrievers have webbed feet. We hope to get another puppy in the Spring. ๐Ÿค—

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      5. Oh wait I think I recall you saying in previous posts how your dog would swim and fetch in the water near your home but I didn’t think your dog was gone! Was it just from age her passing and lived a long dog life, and has it been a while you have no dog only because you just haven’t gotten around to getting a new pooch?


      6. Hi Lawrence – Paris, our Golden, lived a long and happy doggie life here by the sea. She enjoyed going blueberry picking with us. These berries grow in abundance here. One day she saw a moose, and it surprised her. As she grew old and very frail, we provided palliative care for her at home. She knew how much we loved her.
        As you know from also enjoying dogs so much, sometimes it takes a bit of emotional preparation before one is ready for a new pup. Dogs sure add a lot of happiness to our lives. ๐Ÿค—

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      7. Cranberries song Linger, and Dolores O’Riordan had such an amazingly beautiful voice in my mind and heart! She did get to pass in my arms as I carried her out back where she always loved to lie down and watch the many squirrels and birds or the occasional rabbit under all the big trees! Of course anytime I listen to that song now I cry but not gut wrenching sorrow like I felt when my dog died but just remembering her and missing her because I get way attached! That is why I have a dog now I would feel really broken without one now, but I know how the difficulty to have another dog was too much at first! When it is time, it will become obvious, so all is good! My dog now actually sleeps on my bed every night and is like a child and best friend to me too; and she eats like a queen, all the same foods I eat that dogs can tolerate along with a high grade kibble of lamb and rice! She loves chicken dinner and seafood, like salmon and sea scallops with me! I just bought a huge container of blueberries yesterday from Chile that are huge and tasty, they were less than a third price one day sale! Had them in my cooked cereal today! ๐Ÿค—

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  2. The seat in my car is pretty awesome..maybe when the engine finally quits one day, I’ll remove the thing and put it smack dab in the middle of my living room. I wonder if I could still get the heater to work..HAHA!!๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. I didn’t know that there was such a thing as an aging chair ๐Ÿ™‚. Bu I understand what you mean. It seem as if I have to start shopping around for one. Thanks for the advice.


    1. Hi Beverley ! Officially, I’m unaware of a specific ‘aging’ chair. That is just my own term.๐Ÿค— But investing in a good quality chair that specifically fits our bodies is a good idea. I sit in my chair when I am blogging, and praying. The Lord is especially tender with us as we get older. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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