Winter Blues ?

Do you know anyone currently suffering from the ‘winter blues’ ? Our island was dumped on by a huge amount of snow last week, and people are looking particularly glum.

So, at the coffee shop yesterday, I invited two friends, ‘Andrea’ and ‘Joyce’ over to my house to teach them them how to belly dance. This ancient Arabic dance is properly called ‘Raqs Sharqi’.

Both friends looked shocked, and declined my offer. Andrea said that her husband would not allow this. Joyce, with real indignation in her voice, asked me if I knew that she was Pentecostal.

They didn’t give me a chance to explain that this ancient form of dance has excellent health benefits. It increases muscle strength and flexibility, improves circulation, eases stress, promotes relaxation and helps to improve posture.

They refused my offer before I could tell them that this exercise also improves digestion.

Both Andrea and Joyce were ‘offended’ by my offer. Do you think, though, that Christians should be easily offended by small stuff ? Lord, help us not to become touchy, and easily offended . Such an attitude of pettiness does not draw others to the Lord.

Andrea and Joyce also missed out on the delicious Moroccan mint tea that I was planning to offer them.

For now, I will continue my dancing by myself. As my dancing skirt jingles and sparkles, I look out over the mountains of snow that are glistening in the sunshine now.

The days are getting longer, Spring is coming.

We have a choice of being glum, or choosing to be happy.

Choose happiness !

37 thoughts on “Winter Blues ?

  1. too bad for your friends that they are not open minded and less judgmental. Personally I think God loves to see people having fun and laughing. Belly dancing is taught in my city and many ladies enjoy the exercise and the swaying movement. I have mint in my backyard and I love having it in hot water in the summer, and it smells great when it spreads into the lawn and I run over it with the lawnmower. πŸ™‚

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  2. If I were in Newfoundland, I would totally join you for dancing and tea. My best friends are like-minded, but those friendships take time. Maybe next time lead in with the tea offer. You’ll find your tribe.

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  3. It is a pity your friends did not trust you enough to know that you would not introduce them to something that was bad for them. This is how we sometimes missed out on our blessing when it does not come packsge in the way we want it. I was hoping you would post a picture of yourself in the costume. May be next time. πŸ™‚

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  4. Lol. I can why they might have declined. I don’t know if I would have accepted the offer, but that’s because I’m not the most spontaneous or adventurous person. I probably would have let you show me or explain yourself though. I don’t think that I would have been offended. I don’t offend that easy. ☺

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  5. Hopefully you get a chance to explain later so they don’t have the wrong thoughts toward you or try to spread rumors. Thanks for the background information on belly dancing!


  6. I can see why a person would decline your offer, but cannot fathom people getting offended bout anything, let alone something like that. I have never been a dancer and would probably trip over my own feet trying to do something like that. At 74 and one who has never done much in the exercise way, I am not particularly supple and my balance is questionable, and am kind of klutzy. I would be a danger to myself and possibly to others. πŸ™‚

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  7. Gee whiz..that’s so sad. If I was ever a touchy person..raising four kids cured me. Raising four kids cured me of a lot of personal hang ups now that I think about it…HAHA. πŸ˜‰

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  8. My oldest daughter and I joined a belly dancing class last winter. It was fun when she was with me, but then she had to miss several classes and I felt awkward and alone in the group.

    As for belly dancing being something to offend Christians, I don’t know what to say on that. Maybe there is something I don’t know, but as far as I could see, the classes I attended were all about learning certain dance moves, with much laughter. No mention was made to allude to symbolism of false deity worship or anything that would raise red flags in my mind, like what has happened in my mind concerning things to do with “yoga”. Hey, I love doing stretches. Been doing various ones all my life and never called them “yoga”, but if someone slaps the word “yoga” on my car and tells me they own the rights to my using it, I’d ignore them and keep driving.

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      1. I’m so introverted and uncomfortable around strangers, it wasn’t great unless my daughter was with me. She’s the same way but together we have fun.

        I do wonder what the ladies who refused your bellydance lesson had in their minds, if there was something specific that might be useful information to those of us who could benefit from knowing, or if it was a vague “you shouldn’t do that kind of dancing because I say so” that somehow got into their heads. I’ve probably been guilty of the latter kind of thinking in the past. Like you said, such an attitude of pettiness doesn’t help draw anyone to the Lord, and if I am ever guilty of it, I hope I catch myself and stop… think… pray… and wait, before deciding what to say or do.


  9. It’s a shame people are closed minded like this and think that belly dancing is something bad. I took 3 years of belly dance classes and there’s nothing shameful about it. I’d still be taking the classes if I could afford them. In my opinion the dance, costumes and music are all beautiful and sensual. I cannot understand why people look down on it. They are missing out!!

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