Sleeping on the Examination Table

We had a huge weather bomb in NL last week. So much snow and wind. The army had to help dig us out !

Part of our village, including our home, lost hydro. So we spent the night in the clinic where my husband still works part-time. We brought cozy blankets, silk pillows, and snacks. It was warm there, and quiet.

My husband slept on the examination table ( I cleaned it first),

and I slept on a lounge chair in front of him, to make sure he wouldn’t roll off. ( The things we do for love…)

Things are back to normal now in our outport, but St. John’s is still facing food shortages.

The storm was another reminder that God is in control, and we should appreciate every blessing of every day.

31 thoughts on “Sleeping on the Examination Table

  1. Hi Sally, happy to know you and your husband survived the storm of the century. It was unbelievable watching from Toronto.

    I always enjoy reading your light moment in the face of something gone horribly wrong. I liked your reason for sleeping on the sofa – to catch your husband if he fell off the examination table. You made me smile 😊

    Thanks for your drink of ice cold lemonade my fellow blogger β™₯️

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  2. Sally, first of all my prayers are with you and your husband and the community there! I had no idea of course of this particular event in your locale but you have been through a harrowing ordeal!
    The message you provided is loud and clear! We are in God’s hands always!


      1. πŸ€— You’re welcome Sally! The truth will set you free my Mom always said. And this truth you speak to should help anyone to not have unwarranted fear; but faith is a choice and not all hear the voice of our Lord even when the truth is so abundantly clear! Who or what else can hold all of this in one giant embrace than our Creator! This truth is a double edged sword in that it should be so easy to see and believe but not all will abide in it! Blessings! πŸ€—


      2. Thank you Sally and she was, but had some hard lessons too. The key was her strong faith from childhood though; that got her through some serious difficulties and family challenges, bless her heart and soul! And, her mother my granny was so strong in faith and character, a really good woman, so just passing the good from one generation to the next to me is a beautiful thing in itself! Yes the Lord’s sheep know and hear His voice! πŸ€—
        BTW, I hope the difficulties caused by the storm are all fading and everything is getting back on their feet there!

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