The Growing Season

From the picture, it really does not look like growing, season, since my garden is resting.

And yet I find that much spiritual growth can take place in the winter months. The salt on the window panes is visible in this picture. On stormy days, the salt from the sea spray settles on the windows and needs to be hosed off. It is just a reminder that followers of Jesus are to be ‘the salt’ , and ‘the light’ of the world.

January is the coldest month here in NL, and it is dry inside the house. We keep a ‘Saje’ diffuser going for part of the day to add moisture to the air.

I use Mulberry silk pillowcases. ( Yes, I know PETA doesn’t approve ), but they help my skin from forming wrinkles, because they are so soft and smooth, and the pillowcases also keep my hair from becoming frizzy. PETA would be unimpressed that most of our charitable donations go to the ‘Coalition for Life’, which helps defend the rights of unborn humans here in Canada.

It is impossible to attend church here now. The priest decided to hold Mass at 7:00 on Sunday evenings. Very few people will come out at that time. Dangers of slipping and falling on snow and ice, for anyone, and especially for seniors, are greater when it is dark. I tried to convince people to hold church services earlier, during daylight hours, for safety, but that would interfere with Newfoundlanders’ dinner, which is sacred time for islanders. ( This is no exaggeration).

And so we are cut off somewhat, but the silence of winter by the sea allows us to listen carefully to what the Holy Spirit is trying to say. My husband and I pray and worship together, and read a variety of edifying authors on WordPress.

January, at the edge of the continent, help us to develop patience and forbearance. God has reasons for his seasons, even those which encourage is to sit quietly, wait, and trust.

29 thoughts on “The Growing Season

  1. It looks so beautiful there. I live near the Rockies in Alberta which is cold too (currently -30). Life here sounds very different from life NL. Interesting πŸ™‚ I love how you see God in everything. It’s a enriching way to live.

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  2. This brings back memories of winters in northern Michigan. Here in Kentucky it’s been unseasonably warm, and it seems so strange. How nice that you and your husband worship together. I’m glad the inability to go to a church building doesn’t prevent you from worshiping.

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    1. Kentucky has a very nice climate, and it is beautiful there.
      My husband and are are happy for those Christians who have a church home in which to grow and fellowship, but that isn’t available for us for various reasons. I’m still recovering from the church service I attended where the broken organ had no volume control and I had to cover my ears to protect them when the “organist” was playing. But, God has his reasons ! We are hopeful of finding a new church. πŸ€—

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  3. God definitely has reasons for His seasons and those seasons where we have wait and trust may not be the easiest for us to do but we can learn and grow so much at those times.
    Hope you find a suitable church to worship.

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  4. May God send us snow for a few days where I live in Lebanon. It has snowed on the higher altitudes but where I live , it is not a very high altitude so I have not seen snow for a few years …


    1. I have visited the Middle East – it has a pleasant climate.
      The air is very fresh and cold here when we get snow. It always amazes me that no two snowflakes are exactly alike. God is so creative. πŸ€—


      1. Here , by the Mediterranean sea, the weather is moderate but in places like Dubai , Abu Dahbi and close the Persian/Arab gulf , it gets very hot in the summer …


      2. Here , In Lebanon , we grow Lemons , and oranges in the winter but we grow apples , grapes and cherries in the summer due to the different climates depending on the altitude
        But in the deserts of Abu Dhabi , Dubai , they could barely grow anything except for some dates …
        I have read that some vegetables in AbuDabi that use hydroponic agriculture require some cooling air conditioning and covering in the summer to be protected from the very hot sunlight in these hot deserts …


      3. Yes , I thank God that we could have different crops in the 4 seasons but may God send us a good government and stable political situation…


  5. The quiet times are important to rest and rejuvinate. Make the best of these times. It is good that you do not have to go out to work in that cold. Have a blessed day.πŸ™‚


  6. Hi Sally, I hope you and your family are staying safe and warm indoors this weekend! We are waiting for the snow to start here in Ontario, but we are watching news of your blizzard!


    1. Thanks for thinking of us. Our hydro went out, no hotels were open, so we spent the night at the clinic where my husband still works part-time. He slept on the examining table ( I cleaned it first), and I slept on a lounge chair in front of him to make sure he wouldn’t roll off. ( the things we do for love….) πŸ€—πŸ€—

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      1. I’m so glad you are OK. There was such an incredible amount of snow. I thought there would be no power for a few days. I can imagine the clinic sleeping arrangements though!! Glad he didn’t fall!


      2. Hahaha….I kept a careful watch on him. This would be a good adventure to talk about when we are old….but then again, we are already old! It is always good to find something funny in every situation. πŸ€—


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