Jumping to Conclusions

Are you sometimes guilty of the faulty thinking habit called ‘Jumping to Conclusions’?

This type of thinking, which causes us lots of stress, occurs when we make hasty, often illogical conclusions based on insufficient evidence.

I indulged in some conclusion jumping last week.

I had had an ultrasound examination on a Friday, and at 9:00 a.m., the following Monday, the nurse telephoned me telling me to come and see my physician for the results.

Because I did not have all the facts, I wrongly concluded that there was something seriously wrong with me ! I accepted my fate, thinking that at my age , I have reached my Biblical life span of three score and ten, and thus I spent part of the day cuddling with Lottie, my little lamb, underneath the weighted blanket we got for Christmas.

The human mind will naturally gravitate to negative thinking first. It must be trained to think positively.

I should have been thankful that the hospital services and the kind nurse were so efficient.

My physician soon told me that my test results were normal.

I would certainly encourage anyone who has had medical tests done, to follow up to get their test results in a timely manner.

My friend Nancy says, ( concerning medical tests), that ‘no news is good news’. But that also is ‘jumping to conclusions’ type of thinking. No news is simply ‘no news.’

As we age, it takes some courage to submit ourselves to medical tests to monitor our health, and then to wait patiently and logically for the results.

May the Lord grant us wisdom and perseverance, and may he keep us from ‘Jumping to Conclusions’

25 thoughts on “Jumping to Conclusions

  1. Love that little lamb! Yes, jumping to conclusions can be very bad, but it is so easy to do. We often do this where other people are concerned, too. We think they did this or said that because… But that assumption may be so far off base as to be completely false. And it can put a strain on a relationship. Best to train ourselves to see the positive until proven otherwise. It sure is better for our mental health. 🙂 So glad to hear your tests were normal.

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  2. I tend to be positive in my thinking and waiting till I have more information before I jump to a conclusion. However I understand how if someone has had a lot of bad news in their life that they may jump to a negative conclusion in advance of knowing the actual outcome.

    I like the way you illustrated your message in a story.


  3. This is very good insight and advice dare say wisdom Sally! I’m guilty of having done this throughout my life but being analytical and logical I would tend to reassess and that would motivate me to get further input or evaluation. But modern man can also tend to micro manage everything; a little ache or pimple which is also ridiculous, we sort of become a race of hypochondriacs if we get overly concerned and our bodies were designed to hold up for a certain number of decades then that’s all the she wrote! We more modem generations started believing too much in some fountain of youth or magic formula to stay forever young and it just doesn’t exist and there is no panacea. I tend to think eating well is highly important you know garbage in garbage out kind of prevention; as well as resting enough. Balance and good old fashioned sound thinking is the best way to go and not worry so much; that is my hard hurdle to get over I always did worry too much! I’ve always had great blood pressure about 120/80 back in high school till recent years but then bad stuff crushing my life made me way too tense; so I haven’t checked it lately but I know I should get relaxed more because stress is the killer they say it is!

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    1. Hi Lawrence ! Always good to hear from you. For sure, stress affects all of us – and stressors are different for each individual. Yes, you made a wise observation that nutrition plays a big part in how we feel, and how we age.
      Blood pressure monitoring is important for everyone.
      Let us pray that we all feel more relaxed, the Lord longs for all of his children to experience his peace. 🤗

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      1. 🤗 Hi Sally and thanks again this is all vitally important information for all of us. I know I must focus on resolving stress because even without taking readings I know mine is affecting my blood pressure like never before! Partly due to aging but mainly because I got hammered by physiological insults to my health due to an orchestrated major workplace industrial chemical/toxins injury then that coupled with having to fight my way out of the predicament the nefarious had put me into as the system was not going to lift a finger for me which is a major sign of the times! — ‘When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you – you know your nation is doomed.’ -Ayn Rand
        Then other emotional and additional biochemical insults occurred; which in turn with added stress pushes the bodies aging clock and eventual breakdown forward at an accelerated pace! Once the Genes are further damaged it unfortunately is a downward slope to eventual failure. “Telomere caps are like a knot at the end of each chromosome “string,” with the knot’s role preventing the string from unraveling.” I know I had no significant problem with any of this gradual deterioration of the Telomeres having been blessed with good genes and never abusing my health with drugs or alcohol, but that was until over the last several years when many of the unfortunate events or factors converged and did cause some advancing of the natural process of these end caps being severely damaged, then the subsequent cell replication malfunction or material being lost in the DNA coding leading to alteration. I have my idea specially about what happened to me and who and how it was triggered but proving such would be an exhaustive process as well as cost a small fortune so my point is I must turn it all over to the Lord and ask that His will be done and accept that we are all in His hands. But I bring this all up to say that I’m sure you’re well aware and perhaps many of your readers are but just a footnote here that we should all keep in mind diet is a primary factor in preserving health and body fitness; keeping the machine well maintained with providing essential amino acids, a full range of vitamins and minerals but halting free radicals from wreaking havoc in the body is also paramount. Then stress being so destructive on so many levels but cortisol production in abundance due to stress affecting or stimulating the endocrine system will add into the toxic mix that many people are suffering from.
        I wish I had kept my antennae up better to avoid certain pitfalls or circumstances that led to these problems I had to face but at least I made it through it all and can walk, talk and chew bubble gum all at the same time still, ha-ha! Have to keep that sense of human through it all remember too! Thanks again for all of this helpful focus and worthy insightful stimulus!
        Lawrence 🤗


      2. Very informative and wise information here, Lawrence. I like when you talked about turning it over to the Lord, as we are all in his hands. The Lord understands traumatic events, and how they affect us. Yes, for sure the cortisol produced from extra stress affects us. The adrenal glands are greatly affected by stress. These days, my focus on recovery is through self- nurture. I find both quiet, and nature to be soothing, as well as prayer, and reading WordPress blogs. I find many of them helpful and soothing.
        I have stopped going to restaurants here in NL because they are too noisy, and so being there, in a very rushed and noisy environment, is stressful. I prefer to make meals at home. God has witnessed everything we have experienced, and he cares for us tenderly with a Father’s love. 🤗

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      3. Sally very beautifully said, and I know you don’t enjoy those noisy restaurants with all that commotion going on around while you try to have a dining experience that is pleasant! Years ago I would bring a date to a beautiful classy restaurant by the ocean and watch the waves from the big windows while we had a lovely relaxing time eating a seafood or Italian meal while making happy meaningful conversation as the ambiance was perfect that way, but this other overwhelming thing is not for me either. I need to relax more for sure and nature has always been a solid place for me to be where I can tune out and tune in! Thanks for reminding so I can make some adjustments before it’s too late! You got me thinking restaurant experiences and I have had some very special ones over the years. This one marathon runner mathematician Diana I had met decades ago while doing my job out in public when our paths crossed was very special; what a pleasant and refined young woman who went on to fellow at MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts! I blew that by not keep in touch with her enough when she actually was very interested in me but unlike today with cell phones and immediate text messages it was easy to fall out of the loop with some very nice people I was getting close to, as wonderful friends in the least. Another was an aupair from Scotland that I met doing my work again after having been in LA California for a long period living and working there, but was only back East for a short time when I met Angela; we hit it off immediately and her accent was to die for; I absolutely loved that and everything about her at the time. But, again I was falling out of the loop too easy being a bit transient, although still after a couple years down the road I called the wealthy family she worked for to check in with her and she had gone back to Scotland, but the lady of the house gave me her telephone number and I called immediately! Got hold of Angela’s mother who said Angela had gotten back to Scotland and an old close friend of hers apparently wasn’t taking any chances or going to let her slip away again, so he proposed to her and they got married! I decided to leave well enough alone and didn’t call her. Kind of felt like a dummy as well, so not an easy thing to deal with at that point! I can tell you I have missed the boat on so many occasions it would make your head spin! Especially If I were to go on here, and after all this isn’t Dear Abby right? All I have is photos of these and other fine ladies I became acquainted with and had some very lovely connections with but think I was putting off falling head over heels with anybody until I guess some trumpet would sound in heaven and say get your act together Lawrence and don’t let this one get away! I even had a dream one weekend of another such lady who I never met but that same day I went to the seashore to relax by the rocky coastline that I loved for solitude, and wouldn’t know lying on this tiny beach there with not so many people around, and just like in the dream was this lady another European fine person who worked for a very wealthy family that her father was friends with because of a company partnership they had between Holland and the US. Same story with her though, after a while the old friend back home made the move and faaa-get-about-it. My cousin once said Lawrence you snooze you lose! Anyway, sorry to bore you but you got me in a relaxing train of thought here which does get me reminiscing and it is pleasant to recall those special memories!


      4. Ha,ha sure that’s a funny one to remember anyway, just too bad I didn’t let it sink in sooner! I got the laughs but not the prize! 🤣You hear that out there folks, you can laugh too but don’t snooze too long; you might miss something special! 🤗

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