Are You Comfortable?

Are you comfortable when alone ? Some of us enjoy our own company, while others will put up with the company of anyone, even boring, obnoxious people, just to avoid being alone. The reasons for these differences are complex.

A follower of Jesus is never alone. The Lord tells us this in Matthew 28:20. ‘ I am with you always ‘.

Whether or not we are aware of him, the Lord is with us. When we attempt to escape from him, he pursues us. We are his beloved.

We had a snowstorm a few nights ago. My husband was at the clinic. It was dark, and snow and ice had covered the windows.

I was alone, and yet I was strongly aware that I was not alone, for I keenly sensed God’s presence with me in the midst of this cold dark evening.

Let us pray that the Lord will give us all an increasing awareness that He is always with us.

His eye is on the sparrow, and all of the lives of his beloved concern him deeply.

21 thoughts on “Are You Comfortable?

  1. There are times I am, and times I am not comfortable. Let’s say I am fine with short periods. I once spent five months in hospital, that was toooo much time alone, especially as I had a 3 year old daughter I wanted to be home with. Alone times walking, cycling are times I treasure even when alone.

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    1. Hi Dave : Time in the hospital is difficult for all of us, especially when we are missing our loved ones. It must be very beautiful being outside in nature where you live. πŸ€—


  2. I spent a lot of time alone over the last several years while my daughter was in college, and I never felt alone at all. I always felt close to the Lord and knew He was near.

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  3. I thoroughly enjoy being alone, though I enjoy the company of others as well. The one thing I don’t like doing alone is walking. If I have someone to accompany me on a walk, I love to go, but if I have no companion, I just won’t go for a walk. Though if I was just walking to the store to buy something I’m OK being alone. I guess I just enjoy the leisure of walking in nature with someone who can enjoy it with me. But I can spend days alone without any problem. Though I have never been alone at Christmas, it wouldn’t really bother me. I’m usually alone on New Year’s Day and it’s great.


  4. I love being alone, I’m actually a solitary and very introverted person who has a blast being quiet with my thoughts. I do a lot of conversing with God when I’m in my quiet space.
    I also feel so fortunate that the holy spirit is always present with us as believers.


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