Do you ever wonder why the Lord’s Prayer says : ‘lead us not into temptation’? God does not tempt anyone, as James 1:13 states.

However, God does allow us to get ourselves into certain tempting situations, to let us see how we will respond.

Our little town, like most small places, has a problem with people gossiping. Gossip, here, at the edge of the sea, is known as ‘Scuttlebutt’. There are two main Scuttlebutt centres, and they are divided along gender lines.

Men, wishing to hear the latest ‘scoop’, go to the garage/ auto body shop.

For women, Scuttlebutt is exchanged at the Beauty Salon.

It takes two to indulge in the sin of gossip: the gossiper and the listener.

Although the hair stylist is only a short walk from my house, I quickly learned that by going there, I would need to listen to gossip, while I sat captive in a chair with wet hair and a plastic cape draped around me.

So I made a decision to avoid this centre and drive an hour and a half to a salon in a larger centre.

God rewarded my decision to not be involved in other people’s business.

The salon he led me to is a fantastic place ! It is beautifully decorated, and has flattering lighting and soft music playing. The stylists are talented and highly trained. Clients are offered a warm towel for around the neck, refreshments are offered, and, importantly, conversation is pleasant, and neutral.

The scalp massage offered by my kind stylist is, in itself, worth the drive to this place of soothing pampering. I emerge from the salon happy, relaxed, and thankful that I have not been a victim of listening to business that does not concern me.

We are all unique, and our areas of weakness are known to God. Every time we willingly choose to be strong in a tempting situation, God smiles, and our relationship with the Lord grows closer.

In the Christmas season, many of us will visit a hair salon to prepare for the holidays. Let us pray for hair stylists in their work of helping to care for us.

And may God give us the grace to resist indulging in harmful ‘Scuttlebutt’.

21 thoughts on “Temptation

  1. The Lord’s Prayer is the oldest prayer in Western civilization, with its roots in early Judaism. But the important words here are lead and deliver. By avoiding sin indeed we are gloriously rewarded

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  2. Wonderful post. And yes the gossip can be titillating but it can also be damaging to the gossiper and the gossipee if that is such a word. It is refreshing to go places where you don’t have to engage and can just enjoy a relaxing scalp massage.

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  3. I love your salon. I wish I have one like yours here in the BVI. Gossiping is something that I did not like at the salons. I could not deal with the hairdressers with their constant chattering about their personal lives plus other people’s buisness.

    I spent a long time here trying to find the right salon but they were all the same. Finally, God led me to a young lady who style my hair at her home. I have been seeing her for over five years now and have no desire to return to any salon. Too much gossiping women πŸ˜’

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    1. That sounds like an ideal experience ! Here in NL we are becoming increasingly multi-faith, since professionals from other countries come here. A physician my husband works with bows, as a greeting, and says : ‘God is great’ , in an Indian language. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we all bowed to each other when we greeted each other, and said : “God is great, or Jesus is Lord,”or something similar ? Thanks for commenting, and Merry Christmas πŸ€—


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