Healthy Aging Tip

Do you smile easily and laugh a lot ? It is one of the ways to age gracefully. Laughter is good medicine, and I try to surround myself with people who also love to laugh. At my age, in retirement, I have the luxury of avoiding negative people.

Putting a smile on our faces makes us all look younger, but smiles are best when they are genuine.

My husband still works part-time at a medical clinic, and, as flu season has started, he is away more, and today I thought it would be good to walk uptown to replenish our supply of tea towels. I went to ‘Riffs’, a Department Store that carries everything from refrigerators to baby clothes.

The tea towels all looked very boring, but, being determined, I rummaged through the piles until I found some funny ones made of Indian cotton.

They made me smile, so I bought them. Why be cranky when you can choose to see the humour of life everywhere ?

Let us ask God for the grace to develop cheerful hearts. Joy is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

24 thoughts on “Healthy Aging Tip

  1. Sally, hahahahahehehehehahahaha, Yes this got me laughing what a funny towel design and actually clever in more ways than one! Animal pyramid! Those animals sure know how to have fun! Seriously, I mean it this is good medicine and you know I can say from experience that prior to all the attacks on me in recent, years I used to be known as happy go lucky which my uncle Gus titled me many years ago and he was always a humorous guy and had to be taking me and my cousins fishing as kids and having to deal with our antics! As a boy on the school but I was always talking we know that part but I also used to try making the girls laugh and my best buddies. Had a teacher or two tell me during our lessons in grade school that will be enough of that Lawrence, and to get serious and do the lesson. Sometimes my mouth got too out of control and I got sent into the coat room or the partitioned area of the class room where we all hung up our coats for a time out! But in my older yeas now I had to be the less happy and wearier of people looking at lifelike it’s getting so much worse than I ever anticipated it would especially as I got into middle age I expected things to be so much nicer and settled! The times have much to do with this because I also remember people many years ago being more genuine and neighborly along with HAPPY because the country was doing pretty darn good and most people were respectful and more considerate of others especially their elders! Seems like a paradigm shift occurred and the world is going off the rails and getting uglier all the time so I have to say it is hard and harder to find humorous escape or even just seeing those simple funny things about being a human and laughing at one’s self! I mentioned earlier how Mark Twain considered a great humorist had a better world in many ways than we do to ponder and explore; seems like the evil genie was let out of the bottle or Pandora’s Box and is looking to make people all miserable and angry! Then this gets me thinking how my parents when I was little would love Bod Hope and I got to really appreciate him too but even more now when I watch all the old USO tour videos and Bob Hope television specials which I recently ordered from Time/Life to pop into the DVD player this winter and laugh MY ASS OFF! So you see this idea of yours was quite uncanny and timely being in sync with what my heart and mind have been yearning for which is to get back to being more jovial and seeing the simple good and funny in things! One Ace Laugh Maker comes to mind, how the great Bob Hope was known to have said to his wife according to His grandson “Zach Hope who told TV interviewer Soledad O’Brien that, when asked on his deathbed where he wanted to be buried, Hope told his wife, Dolores, Surprise me.” “His remains were temporarily placed in a mausoleum vault before the construction of the Bob Hope Memorial Garden at Fernando Mission Cemetery in Los Angeles, joined in 2011 by Dolores when she died—four months after her 102nd birthday.” That still makes me laugh just now thinking how silly that Bob Hope was and never a dirty word or abusive behavior of any kind just pure genius and genuine humanity! What a guy! So, looks like your theory holds up well; look how long he the great comedian lived, made it to 100, then the person who was around him so much his dear wife went even a couple of years more living to 102 after having all of his comic relief and laughter around; and maybe if they were able to stay on earth together longer who knows how much longer their laughter would have gone on!
    By the way the chicken soup is fantastic! I needed that! Both the soup and the laughs, so thanks!
    With laughter,


    1. Hi Lawrence ! There is lots of research on the benefits of chicken soup. Makes me feel like making some too.
      Yes, I remember my parents watching Bob Hope too – it seemed that society was gentler in many ways then.
      It is good to laugh.
      I was in the hospital a few years ago for something minor, and the nurse called me ‘Lucy”, as in Lucille Ball, the great comedic actress, and I was flattered. 🤗 she apologized for calling me the wrong name, but I told her I didn’t mind. 🤗

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      1. Sally, that’s funny too; hehehaha, are you sure you’re not related to Lucille Ball because I actually think you are funny now that I see that side of you a bit! I can’t imagine the whole presentation in person you must liven things up or get many out of a mood I’m sure! I used to love watching “I Love Lucy” as a kid as it was syndicated for decades while was growing up, but even more in recent years on a network that ran it 5 days a week a few years back and that was great while I was recuperating from a pulmonary inhalation injury; sort of like what some firefighters have gone through before they started using SCOTT PACKS to avoid damage from smoke or chemical fumes. Lucy; are you right, she was another genius like Bob just the woman version and so amazing! They worked hard in their early days doing vaudeville and almost like traveling circus acts they built up their abilities and drew on their innate talent and genuine qualities that set them apart from countless others! Now you have me thinking about searching EBay this week to order some of her episodes. I did that with the Three Stooges and have their Ultimate Collection which I think is nearly all of the episodes that I bought for around $75.00 and it was worth it because whoever did slapstick like that again? They were totally originals and in a class of their own for sure!
        Society was always plagued with some bad characters but yes it was more kind and respectful over all even though as kids there was loads of busting each other up and even getting bullied but you rolled with it getting a thicker skin and learned how to deal with others for the most part. A few guys got in fistfights then the parents usually got involved either at the time or later and someone got a shellacking or got grounded and all that to get their mind right! I never got that but more like get up to your room and don’t come out of it until I tell you to; which was usually the whole day.
        Yes the soup is a boost for sure; when I start getting ill I usually make a pot and eat it like crazy along with my green tea concoction that usually boosts or stimulates the immune system and I don’t end up sick, but this one caught me off-guard and I hadn’t been making the soup for months now, but will be often now that flu season is here!
        Let me know what you do when you feel a cold coming on, and if you want the tea thing to try it, I’ll tell you how I make it, very bitter but it does seem to do some good, could be a placebo effect maybe but I don’t think so! I believe it helped me overcome some sinus allergies over the years, so now no infections that get me on antibiotics and steroids.


    1. Hi Lee ! A tea towel is used to dry dishes. Sometimes they are called dish towels. We live here, by the sea, voluntarily without an automatic dishwasher. I prefer to wash dishes by hand, using natural plant based detergents, and thus, I enjoy my collection of tea towels, or dish towels. 🤗🤗

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    1. Hi Beverley : Thank you so much for tagging me. This means a lot. I am, however, only a beginning blogger without the technical skills to respond. But thank-you, and may God continue to richly bless you and reward you. 🤗


      1. Hi Sally. I like your response. “No technical skills to respond” 🙂. I know you are pulling my leg. 🙂 Have a great day today.


      2. Hi Beverley : Actually I have never learned basic skills, like how to “cut and paste”, for example. My connection to the world is via my little iPad, where I type with my right pointer finger. I must ask someone how to improve my skills. 🤗
        Nevertheless, with the miracle of modern technology, we can still communicate.
        I write from a high perch above the North Atlantic. 🤗

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      3. Your little ipad and even your phone can copy and paste. Just press on the area you want to copy and you will see the options pop up and then you copy and paste it to where you want to put it. If I can do it you can do it even better. I have been wacthing quite a few videos on Youtube about Newfoundland food and culture. It is very enjoyable. I hope I will be able to visit one day.


      4. Thank-you for the tips, Beverley. That is helpful information. Glad you are enjoying learning about Newfoundland. It is a beautiful place with kind people. Newfoundland gained international recognition after the tragedy of 9/11. When planes were unable to land at JFK airport in New York, they were re-routed to Gander, Newfoundland. There, the residents opened up their homes to the stranded travellers, who were thankful for their hospitality. It is the Newfoundland way. 🤗


  2. I totally agree to this, “Laughter is a good medicine.” My mum is a clown. She jokes and laughs about everything. Being around her brings laugher. Now she is 76 and sometimes people ask if she’s my older sister. Youre right. Laughter is a good medicine.


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