The Bride

Do you agree that every bride is beautiful on the day she meets her groom ? Women make many preparations for their wedding day.

In the Bible, there are references to Jesus being the divine bridegroom, who loves his bride, the church, or the Body of Christ. This is composed of all true followers of Jesus who have trusted him for their salvation.

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent, a time for Christians to anticipate the birthday of Christ.

It is also a time to prepare our hearts for the Second Coming of Christ, when he will meet his bride, the church.

No one, of course, knows when this event will take place. However, we know from Ephesians 5: 27, that Christ will meet a bride that is spotless and without blemish. In the meantime, despite her imperfections, we are assured that Christ loves his bride unconditionally.

Although the great purification process taking place in the church is troubling, it should not surprise us.

One day there will be a great celebration at the wedding feast of Christ and his bride. (Revelation 19: 3-6).

May the Lord grant us peace and a sense of anticipation and joy as we prepare our hearts during this holy season.

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