Anti-Aging Tip

Are you familiar with the term ‘fuddy-duddy’ ?

This refers to a person, usually an older person, who has become set-in-their-ways, intolerant, fussy, and guilty of rigid thinking patterns.

Last week my husband said I was becoming somewhat ‘fuddy-duddyish’, especially in my steady refusal to watch his new Smart T.V. , thinking it had nothing to offer me.

We should always listen to the constructive criticisms of those who love us and know us well.

Yesterday, he called me to watch something on YouTube that he knows I would love. He was right !

On the screen, I saw adorable Golden Retriever Puppies playing !

These dogs are amongst the most beautiful of companion animals. We have had the pleasure and companionship of two Goldens, and are looking forward to adopting our third in the Spring.

After watching the puppies, on video, my husband showed me how we can also watch travel videos, which we both enjoy.

May God grant us the grace to continue to explore new technologies as we age. Often new developments will enhance the quality and enjoyment of our lives.

May we continue to maintain a child-like curiosity of the many wholesome things God gives us to enjoy.

May we never become intolerant, and set-in-our ways, but keep considering the needs of others around us.

Pictured is our dog, Paris, at 12 weeks of age.

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