Where Old is Celebrated

How do you feel when you hear the word ‘old’ ?

Many of us probably prefer the word ‘young ‘, or the word ‘new’ .

Not so, in our little town, where old is celebrated.

Buildings are lovingly restored, sometimes board by board, to their former glory of the Victorian Era.

Natural building materials, like spruce and cedar are used. Historically, Newfoundland had no brick factories, and it is extremely rare to see a brick building on the island.

There are no stoplights in town, and thousands of global tourists visit each year to enjoy a pace of life that is relaxed and slow.

There are many blessing too, to being an older person, especially in a town where old is celebrated. Aging brings some wisdom, a sense of perspective, and a sense of not taking anything too seriously. As an older person, I can see how God has helped me through many difficulties. He is always faithful to those who seek Him.

It is impolite to offer advice to someone unless they ask for it, but if someone should ask me the secret of aging happily, I would tell them stay to close to God, and seek Him first above anything else. His commandments are never old, and his mercies to his beloved are new every morning.

24 thoughts on “Where Old is Celebrated

  1. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit, i would suggest that you add the name of your city and a link to the city tourism website and maybe a favorite museum or heritage site.


    1. Hi there ! The town is Bonavista, NL. It has a fabulous town website which clearly shows the beauty of this little town on the sea. The area where you live is also very beautiful, with a very lovely climate. 🤗

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      1. That is nice you looked it up. This is where John Cabot landed in 1497. Newfoundlanders celebrate June 24, when Cabot arrived, as Discovery Day, but this has annoyed aboriginal citizens, who rightly maintain that there were native populations here long before European explorers arrived.
        I have been to Venice, where Cabot, an Italian who was exploring for the British, set sail from. His landing spot is here in town, as is a replica shop of the Matthew, his ship. What a feat of navigation to reach NL from Venice, using only wind power. 🤗

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      1. You’re right; though I admit there is a disappointment with physical life here in this temporary plane of existence in that we seem to lose the freshness and vitality or newness externally, I see over time how yes even though we may think it would be great to be able to jump back into our former selves when we were at our prime or peak of youthful exuberance and feeling wonderful, the inner character and power of the depth to one’s soul enriched with “wisdom” is another feeling of greater comfort and reassurance, a magnificence that can’t be bought or attained in any other way but only through actual aging over a long period of time, allowing those deepest recesses of the immortal soul to grow and ripen as God intended! That is why we refer to the greatest of these as “the wise old sages!”
        Therefore, it is a blessing not a curse; and that is what you see beaming from those older wiser ones around us as they go through their day!

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  2. I hope you will write a post about the secret of aging happily. I am looking forward to it🙂. Thay said that age is a number. It is what on the inside that counts. God bless you my dear. I love all of your posts.


  3. You can’t be wrong about the secret of happy ageing being closeness to God and seeking him first. I’ve seen old men and women around me live so happily and peacefully because the spend time with God every day in the church praying, doing His will and helping others when possible. Even when their health begin to failed, you still see the happiness radiated from within.


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