Denmark and Newfoundland

How are you enjoying these long nights ?

Here in Newfoundland, we are following the practise, from Denmark, of hygge, ( pronounced hue-ga) which is a cold weather lifestyle choice of coziness, comfort and ambiance.

Hygge involves the use of comforting things such as warm socks, cuddly blankets, soft lighting, and candles, either real, or battery operated.

Comfort foods such as hot chocolate, pastries, and warm soups and stews add to the feeling of relaxation and contentment for us and our loved ones.

The dark season is a time to grow closer to our loved ones, as the season encourages us to nurture ourselves and each other.

In addition, this is also a time where we can draw closer to God. There are fewer distractions during this quiet time of year. It is time where we can listen closely to what the Holy Spirit may be saying to us.

Everything in life is a matter of attitude. We can either grumble about the dark, or we can embrace it through creating ambiance and warmth in our homes.

God always appreciates an attitude of gratitude.

6 thoughts on “Denmark and Newfoundland

  1. So true ma’am. It’s all about attitude and one’s perspective on it. Moreover, all God has made is good. So the dark night is a great time too. For me, I love it because of the calm it brings. No buzzing sounds any longer etc, just the breeze and rattle sound sometimes… Such grace!

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