Driving and Birds

Do you enjoy driving a vehicle ? Chevrolet Canada chose our charming town as Canada’s Most Road Trippable Town !

Usually I walk around town to do my errands, but the other day I was inspired to drive to the Dollar Store on the other side of town to buy some Christmas ribbon.

About two minutes into my drive I was distracted by the town’s pigeons putting on a magnificent flying display above the harbour.

Then I noticed some other frustrated pigeons trying to drink from a frozen water puddle. I understood that the pigeons are gathering to fly South.

In the store’s parking lot, I noticed another driver smirking at me, because I had parked badly. I was laughing at two fat crows on the ground. One was eating the remainder of a submarine sandwich, while the other was drinking coffee from a spilt container.

By the time I emerged from the store with my festive gold ribbon, I remembered that driving is the most dangerous task that many of us will perform, and it requires our full concentration. Distracted drivers can cause disasters.

I drove home safely, with no distractions.

On our pilgrimage through life, the world is going to throw many distractions at us. These will confuse us, and disturb our peace.

Let us ask for the grace to stay focused on the Lord, and remember his constant love and care for us.

‘Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusts in thee ‘

( Isaiah 26:3)

9 thoughts on “Driving and Birds

  1. I must look like Jimmy Stewart in the movie Harvey. I am not focused on the Lord, but I think of him as my companion during my day. My phone rang when I was out cycling two days ago, and it was about my hearing aid appointment, instead of waiting 5 weeks she called to say I could come this Friday. I hung up and naturally just said thanks Lord, and jumped back on my bike.

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