The Boys’ Club Meeting

Do you ever procrastinate when you know you should be exercising ?

I was tempted, this morning, to skip my morning walk/jog/shuffle around the boardwalk surrounding a pond.

It was overcast, with a cold North wind, and it seemed like a good day for browsing Christmas cookie recipes.

However, I mustered some self-control, got bundled up warmly, and set out.

What a surprise on the pond ! All of the male seagulls in town were sitting there together, each facing into the North wind. I recognized them as male seagulls by their dark grey wings. Why they were having this meeting in late November is a mystery.

During the summer months, we only see female seagulls; they have light grey wings. As the season progresses, we also see their funny speckled babies.

But we never see male seagulls, and I often wonder where they are all summer.

God has many mysteries, and the Canadian-English Theologian, J.I. Packers, wisely stated that we should not pry into God’s secrets.

It would be presumptuous of me, a frail human bit of ‘clay’, to demand answers from God, the everlasting Father, and the great ‘Potter’.

I laughed when I saw the meeting of the male birds in the pond.

When I came home, my cheeks were rosy, I felt invigorated, and there was still lots of time left to peruse cookie recipes.

6 thoughts on “The Boys’ Club Meeting

  1. Sweet sharing of your thoughts today, plus encouragement to exercise. I didn’t know the difference between gulls, but I wish they weren’t in this valley. Not my favorite bird, and they don’t seem to leave. I do like birds of all types but not seagulls 400 km from the ocean.


  2. You are fortunate to be in a lovely climate where there is a great variety of birds and wildlife. It is interesting that you see seagulls too. They are everywhere here, and we lack colourful birds . We have crows though, and although they are not good singers, I like them. I put peanuts out for them. 🤗

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