A Sound Solution

Do you notice how loud the music is getting in stores, restaurants, and other public places ? In addition to an increase in volume, the messages blasted by the ungodly music are becoming increasingly vulgar and vile. Is this a form of persecution of Christians, do you think ?

I was becoming super annoyed by the unwanted music we are being forced to listen to in public places, and I reached my ‘last straw ‘ moment in the waiting room of a medical professional.

Excessively loud music was blaring, and a country crooner was sending the message that he really loved his girlfriend, but he also loved his wife, and he didn’t know how to tell his wife that he as leaving her. Yikes !

Thereafter I visited an Audiologist, and told her about my dilemma. She recommended that I have a pair of musician’s filters hearing protection made.

These need to be custom fitted by an Audiologist, since everyone’s ears are unique.

Two weeks later, the filters, made by the Swiss Manufacturer Bernafon arrived, in a discreet carrying case. They have helped me to be more uncomfortable in too loud environments when I can’t escape them.

In addition, I was assertive in telling the physician I visited that the office music was too loud. He immediately told his staff to turn down the volume.

Hearing loss in the general population is increasing, and younger people are experiencing loss of hearing, often as a result of listening to music that is too loud.

I now have a decibel meter app on my telephone, and I have been checking the volume in public places. At 80 decibels or higher, the volume of sound in an environment is potentially damaging.

We have a responsibility to speak up when unwanted music is played at excessive sound levels.

This experience reminded me of Reinhold Niebuhr’s famous prayer : Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

23 thoughts on “A Sound Solution

  1. This is so refreshing. As an Audioligist, I am usually the one saying something about the volume and we have stopped going to the skating rink altogether because they refuse to decrease their volume (92 dB HL). We are being bombarded from too much sound everywhere and it is manipulative, invasive and distracting, so is a form of persecution. And yes, we can speak up about it. It is important to do so.❤

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    1. That is so great to hear from you on this topic, Tonya. Thanks for your agreement on this. I went to visit my friend Lydia, who works at The Dollar Store. That store plays Hip Hop music, and I asked her how this makes her feel, as a Christian. She said that she just tunes the music out. But, as we know, 90% of our mind is at the subconscious level, and she is absorbing that music, whether she realizes it or not. I so agree with you. The excessive sound is manipulative, invasive and distracting. God bless you. 🤗


    1. Cindy, hearing loss happens faster than we realize, with excessive sound levels.
      It is especially disturbing to see young people, as early as 8th grade , experiencing hearing loss that could easily have been prevented.

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    1. Hi !
      Actually I just downloaded it from the App. store on my iPhone. I paid 99 cents to download it. There are various types available.
      I got the idea from the physician I visited whose music was too loud. He measured the volume, and it was at 81 decibels, potentially damaging. I have a new little Ministry now, the town ‘s Noise Inspector. 😁 The Apps are called Decibel Meters.

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  2. I am in agreement with you. I recently road in a van. I had some, “Christians”, note that I put the word, Christian in quotes. One of the people played his cellphone without earplugs and it was not particularly good music, in my objective opinion. However, whether it was good not, I should not have to be subject to his music. Several times during the trip, I felt forced to put him back in his place.


    1. Good for you for speaking up ! It is invasive to have to listen to unwanted music, especially since so many of the messages being sent through the music are ungodly. I asked my friend Lydia, who works at the Dollar Store here in town, what would happen if the store started to play “Amazing Grace”. Lydia, who is a fellow Christian, said that there would be an outcry.
      I think that the Lord is pleased when we, as Christians, assertively ask that we not be forced to listen to ungodly music at loud volumes.

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  3. Good post Sally and good on you for speaking up. I struggle with loud music in places too which is often the case nowadays. Troubling to hear that kids so young are suffering hearing loss. I like the idea of having an app to read the sound levels.


    1. Hi there !
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, you are so right. Young people especially are at risk for hearing loss from listening to music that is too loud. The Decibel Meter I downloaded onto my phone from the Apps store is really helpful. In North America, 25% of adults have some hearing loss. I think I have a new little Ministry now, that of helping to prevent avoidable hearing loss. Good, as always, to hear from you. God bless you. 😁

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    1. Yes, I so agree ! Some restaurants blare loud music on purpose, to get patrons to eat and drink faster and then move along, making room for other diners. I always ask places where it is too noisy to please turn the music down. Now that I have the Decibel Meter App installed on my phone, I can measure loudness in public places. No one needs to be harassed by unwanted music. 😁

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  4. ♡ Christians ARE Now Fighting Christians; it’s The Crusades Turning Inwards EveryOne



  5. I agree with you Sally. It is so unprofessional to hear those loud type of music playing at a medical office. I don’t mind hearing soft back ground instrumental but not the hip hop. It is good that you are taking control of the things that you hear. What do you think about some of those christmas songs that they play at this time of the year?


    1. You know, Beverley, we think alike ! I was wondering too about playing Christmas music at this time of year. Interesting that Christ is ignored by many for much of the year, but merchants choose to play Christmas music to increase sales. To me, this is another form of sound manipulation. 🤗


      1. Yes it is. Sound manipulation. I like how you said it. Many of these merchants do not believe in christianity yet at Christmas time they promote it to gain. Money rules this world.


      2. So true, Beverley. Money rules this world, and merchants will try to manipulate buyers to get in “the Christmas Spirit” by playing Christmas music. Let ‘s pray that God’s Holy Spirit will touch many hearts this Christmas season. As you wisely said, there is a great harvest of souls waiting. 🤗

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  6. As human race geting insensitive , to make them move one need Pinching sensation , so loud music has become part of society .Loud music is for Crowd ,

    we need to be very selective toward sound pollution and take care of our Sound space from home to Public places

    Wind is the greatest music in nature ,, that way Indian Classical music is so subtle and so Divine , and it is communication with Wind and it is normally sung in a concert in Open to sky places .

    love all.


    This is Raga Yaman on Flute

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    1. I listened to the flute music, and it was beautiful, and fascinating ! It was especially nice because the music harmonized really well with the sound of the ocean, which I listen to every day. Thanks for sharing this. For sure I will listen to this music again. 🤗

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