Yes, or No ?

What does your church say about alcohol consumption for Christians ? Our Baptist pastor taught us that a single drop of alcohol should never pass a Christian’s lips.

I was shocked when I saw that , in the Catholic Church, people receiving communion have the option of drinking communion wine in many churches. My son, trained in law enforcement, has told me that people leaving Mass after drinking wine , should not be surprised if a police officer would question smelling alcohol on their breath, if they happen to be stopped.

The Bible does not condemn drinking alcohol, but warns against the evil of drunkenness. I have been to Cana, (Kana, Israel ), where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine. A church is built there now, and six stone jugs, with purple stains on them, are on display above the altar.

Since moving to rural Newfoundland, I have witnessed the devastating effects of alcoholism, with its dire consequences of poverty, violent behaviour, broken homes and people’s involvement with the criminal justice system.

Therefore, I choose not to drink alcohol. My Baptist pastor was right.

Spiritual warfare is increasing these days, and I Peter 5:8 warns us of the importance of staying sober, since “the old enemy” is always on the prowl.

Pictured is Welch’s Grape Juice, one of my favourite beverages.

24 thoughts on “Yes, or No ?

  1. I will go years without alcohol, and then have a glass of wine. I think the first time I quit drinking was to support someone who needed to quit drinking. Later I found that I just didn’t desire it at all, and found it expensive. I know many people as hosts offer a drink, and sometimes I will join them but often I will express my preference for tea.
    I think alcohol is just one of many dangers out there for people, but people must choose for themselves. My grandmother used to have some liqueur as recommended by her doctor to help her sleep, she was in her 80’s.
    I am sure she liked her little sips of peach alcohol, and I am glad she did.

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    1. Hi there !
      Thanks for commenting. We do have liberty concerning alcohol, but I just don’t like the idea of having my judgment clouded, so I, like you, prefer tea. πŸ€—


  2. I will have half a glass of red wine about twice a year but just at home. I stay away the rest of the time because of it being misperceived or a difficulty for someone recovering. It is just a good idea, you are right!πŸ˜„β€

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  3. I was an alcoholic in my 20’s and it almost killed me. It is only through the Grace of God that I am here today, sober, happy, and healthy.

    I grew up surrounded by alcoholics, so I tend to stay away from all things alcohol now. We’re a sober family and we still have tons of fun, so we don’t even think about it. Our church uses grape juice for communion. I skipped it the first time because I wasn’t sure :-p

    God bless! πŸ™‚

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  4. There is a saying that a little bit of wine makes your heart happy …
    In Islam , it is completely forbidden…
    I think drinking like 3 or 4 times a year is okay but stay sober …
    Beer has helped me at times but I have managed to take only in a very limited amount …
    Perhaps , Remember that forbidden fruits are sweetest but use everything in moderation…


  5. Good evening Sally, very good of you to bring this subject up as we are now entering into the Jubilant Holiday Season for most people! I agree with all you said and I myself am not a drinker of alcoholic beverages of any kind with one exception which is a tiny amount of brandy in a medicinal tea I make at the first sign of a cold during the flu season as I don’t believe in any flu shots and haven’t had one in many decades. The tea is fresh lemon and pulp with fresh grated ginger root, cayenne pepper, raw honey and not even a half shot of ginger brandy which acts as a catalyst and quick delivery vehicle for the mixture into the blood stream which kicks the immune system into overdrive and usually when I do this at the first symptom of a cold I end up not getting one or if I do it doesn’t last a day or two, even works with the flu which may be a bit difficult to get rid of even with the tea concoction if it wasn’t nipped in the bud soon enough. Of course all the good health practices and lifestyle are essential to follow during flu season to stay in tip-top condition to ward off these viral assaults on our bodies anyway.
    I also want to say being raised a Catholic I don’t recall anyone drinking wine in place of receiving the Holy Eucharist, at least not in any of the Church masses I attended. Growing up my grandparents and parents being very traditional old school Catholics and coming from and with large extended families; during big holiday meals a little table dinner wine was served with all the food as I recall they would say it was good for the digestion, but I never really liked wine so when I was old enough to have a bit with the meal I would do as you have and opt for grape juice in place of it which I did. I used to buy gallons of Welsh’s Grape Juice and drink some everyday but I cut back on it a bit only because I was drinking way too many fruit juices all day and the sugar becomes an issue as we get older.
    Last year I had met a young pastor of a small very quaint Baptist Church very close to my home and had hit it off with him so well having conversation about Jesus and Faith that I started going to services at his Church, meeting very nice Christians there and his wife and three boys. I personally only appreciate older style Latin or Tridentine Mass of the Catholic Church, so the one I prefer to attend is a drive from my home and I have no problem actually joining in with the Baptist folks and then on occasion heading over to the Catholic Church Mass when I can too. Some would say I’m off base but I don’t care what people think or say about what I do in this regard because I go by the people and how genuine they are in their Devotional Christian Worship, because I can relate and feel connected to real fellowship and that is in my heart which is what’s important as I see it.
    Well, I strayed from the main point of your article but I think it fitting because I got to bring up the special tea and this is the flu season now and it does actually work without the brandy in it too. As well I got to expand on my thinking about Christians and our practicing our faith, and how in my case being a little flexible as to where I attend a worship service can be a good thing. I personally don’t think God is going to be extremely critical about His children belonging to one group of faithful practicing or worshiping Christians over another but as long as they stay in the Word and follow in accordance with it allowing His Holy Spirit to guide them; there really is no fault in that now is there.
    Thanks for stimulating my thinking on all of this and God bless you and yours. πŸ™


    1. Lawrence, I so agree with you. I also attend different worship services. When people ask if I am Catholic or Protestant, I reply that I am both.
      Thanks for the suggestion about remedies for the flu. πŸ€—

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      1. Hey Sally sure thing, and very cool that you are flexible. I have had a worry about the Catholic Church being corrupted in the hierarchy along with an outright disappointing experience of a nefarious nature which was implemented though a few Catholics in a nearby parish that really did me harm; but I don’t reject it at all, I know humans corrupt anything and that applies to any church too. That is why I like the old Tridentine Mass to be closer to the older ways as the newer have been corrupted in some cases too much in my humble opinion.
        I hope you won’t need that remedy per say but it can help boost the immune system I have found for me, and helped me overcome some allergy issue with my sinuses years ago drinking it daily. All the best and thank you again! πŸ€—


  6. Some people’s brain can’t just take half a glass of alcohol like my family, no one takes it because just a gulp and you’re drunk. It shouldn’t be condemned though. The Bible says a little wine is good for the body. However, it’s better to stay away than to to be drunk.


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