Holy Lip Conditioner

Can something like lip conditioner be considered a

‘ holy ‘ item ? It can, if the person using it desires to grow in holiness by using it.

I apply a lip conditioner by the brand ‘Caudalie ‘ every morning during my morning devotions. This conditioner, from Paris, is made of 99% natural ingredients, including grape seed extract. As I do this, I pray the words of Psalm 141:3 -‘ Set a guard over my mouth…’.

I have been doing this since reading, a while ago, that on the day of judgment, we will have to give an account to the Lord of every careless word we have spoken. (Matthew 12: 36 ). This made me blush with embarrassment, as I thought of all the idle words I have already spoken !

Yes, of course the Lord forgives us, and as we seek to draw continually closer to God by leading lives that are pleasing to Him, we becoming increasingly conscious of not wanting to offend God, and our neighbour, through the words we speak.

I am a “hands on”, tactile learner, and applying the lip conditioner helps me to remember to speak words that are worthy of a Christian.

May the words of our mouths, and the meditations of our hearts, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, our rock and our redeemer. ( Psalm 19:14 )

15 thoughts on “Holy Lip Conditioner

  1. I admire your desire to do better, and I have that desire also. I know we can be our own worst critics, very hard on ourselves, I think I am trying to do better one day at a time, and make a step in the right direction every day. I think God is patient with me, and I’m glad.
    When I read your posts I think about your location, and I imagine it to be inspiring. One of my favorite bloggers has a quote on her blog. “Our mind is a garden, our thoughts are seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.”

    I see your blog as planting flowers, and that’s nice.

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  2. Sally, I never heard of this before but I like the idea because it forms a good habit and after all we are creatures of habit for the most part repeating many behaviors and actions day after day! My father always told me as a young fella to “form good habits and not to be lackadaisy about it, because you can form good ones or bad ones just as easily but old habits die hard so you don’t want bad ones!” He was precisely right like you are too! OMG have I stepped over the line in using my mouth inappropriately and if God will hold all those words that I blurted out over my lifetime so far I’m surely doomed just by that alone! I wish I knew this devotional practice long ago, and formed the habit like you did of doing it to be mindful each day as you pray to not stray with your mouth and what proceeds from it! Never too late to learn even though they say you “can’t teach and old dog new tricks,” but I’m not a dog right?
    Thank you for this insight and very good idea which I will pass on to others in my circle of family and friends!
    God Bless You and Yours,


    1. Hi Lawrence ! I too have blurted out so many words that I wish I could take back.
      The Lord appreciates the efforts we make to keep our words gracious. Nevertheless, there are times when we are called upon, as Christians, to correct others, just as Jesus did, but the Holy Spirit will guide us in using words of correction appropriately.
      Always good to hear from you. 🤗

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      1. 🤗 Good evening Sally, and so well put! Same goes for standing tall or correcting those that need to be when we are called upon; but just like you said with the appropriate words and guided by the Holy Spirit, not our own emotions or tempers which I’m guilty of having done way too many times! But, also like you said our desire and honest attempt to recognize and then alter those ill-conceived patterns or not doing our best is appreciated by God too; and I know in my heart if we are making an honest attempt to change He is very pleased with us and will be there all the more with further encouragement just like any Great parents do for their child!
        Great thoughts on this Sally and thank you again! 🤝


      2. Thanks, Lawrence ! God is merciful, that is his greatest attribute. His heart is warmed, just like any parent, when He sees us, his children, making efforts to please Him and draw closer to Him.

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      3. Sally what you say is so very true again! I worked in a government job for a brief number of years and during that time I worked alongside a scientist who had been to seminary to become a priest. We had some very great conversations but one thing he told me shortly before I came under a highly partisan evil attack by nefarious persons in positions of authority that nearly destroyed me, and I’m here I know only by the grace of God as some of what happened was actually physical injury and poisoning of my body and life in general; but what he told me on that one occasion rings in my head always; “God’s judgment is perfect and great but His mercy is greater!” I don’t worry really at all now having gone through all of what happened and those words are in large part why! Rest assured He has this whole wide world in His loving hands! Amen.


      4. Yes it is Sally my Friend! I see how we are basically so helpless in the final analysis and it is all dependent on our God through Jesus Christ to save us and nurture us along the way to our own personal Salvation. I see as I get older that I’m not worried about facing death as I may have been when younger but I also see how much more vital it is that I humble myself to Him and always do my best to seek out His will for me each day!
        God Bless! 🙏


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