Do you sometimes get up early in the morning to pray ? Sometimes I find myself in my prayer chair perched high above the North Atlantic , praying for something specific. Our house, geographically, is the most easterly in North America.

It is just starting to get light now, and I am praying for Father Gabriel, who has recently arrived from Ghana, and who will be celebrating Mass with us this morning.

I also ask God to bring healing to Catholic Christians.

Recent church scandals, and last month’s events at the Amazon Synod in Rome, have left the Catholic Church in a state of uproar. A great purification process is taking place, as it needs to.

I ask gently for mercy, that people, including fellow Christians, not hurl insults at a billion Catholics, saying that we are not ‘saved’, and are following a ‘false religion’.

The world is watching us, beloved. Will we be lights in the darkness, or will we cause division ?

Eternal Father, for the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us, and on the whole world.

13 thoughts on “Uproar

  1. Amen Sally, I join your prayer. “Beloved let us love one another.” Unity through love, forgiveness, and prayers for one another will cause His loving light to shine. I agree with you, that the Lord is purifying His people, and we need to have humility and grace for the process. God bless you, Father Gabriel, and the Body of Christ♥

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  2. Sally, I agree with you completely on this. The enemy’s greatest tool or weapon against all Christians and indeed any of God’s children is division and this is yet another attempt to divide and conquer by causing division, loss of hope and despair among the faithful! As we know a house divided among its members cannot stand. I’ve often thought how throughout the history of the Catholic Church there have been times when there was some internal difficulty over one thing or another. But my take is that from Vatican Counsel II forward things have been changing too much and not all of it for the better; which i think often times has been the case to bend to the will of the public or changing social climate throughout the earth’s many nations. I personally don’t like the fact that the Church was more protestantized mostly I think to maintain or gain more parishioners. But, regardless we know that a great apostasy is inevitable as Scriptures tell us before the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. And I think that you’re so right about upheaval being necessary as part of a purification process because after all the Church is an organization too of humans who are imperfect and will fail in one way or another causing damage to the intent of the Church in the process and over time I suppose we can say a spring cleaning becomes necessary to clean house of the factors that are causing consternation and distraction from the teachings of Jesus Christ via His Church here on earth. Hopefully we aren’t too close to the final time yet or end of days, because as I see it there is always more hope the longer things can be extended into the future here allowing time for positive change and more of God’s children to see the Truth more clearly and thus follow God’s will more closely, and in turn saving more souls by bringing more individuals to the faith.
    Thank you for this thought provoking and heartfelt article about the matters contained in it to pray about! 🙏

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  3. No neighbors to block your panorama view eh? Wow!
    I do pray to god in the mornings on my bike ride or walks. Unlike you i dont pray often pray for the church per se, only individual people and im not Catholic but there are some wonderful Catholic prayer people here.
    I pray mainly for my family especially my son.


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