The Gym Investigator

Do you enjoy working out at gyms ? They are great places to get fit, and to socialize.

We were excited, in our fishing town, to hear that we were getting a gym !

I am not a gym user; I prefer to dance and twirl hoops and gymnastics ribbons, but I sincerely hoped that the gym would become very popular. It had the latest fitness equipment !

Week after week, I passed the gym, on my short walk to Bonnie’s Flower Shop, and every week I noticed that it was empty, or had maybe one or two exercisers in it.

I decided to conduct a sociological study into why the gym was apparently failing.

I went to visit the gym, which is centrally located in a lovely restored historical building. Most of our picturesque town consists of historic buildings.

There was ample parking at the gym, and the adequate open hours were clearly posted.

Following proper gym etiquette, I carried my dainty pale blue running shoes in a sports bag, so as not to track in any dirt from outside.

A very kind gym attendant showed me how to operate an intimidating looking treadmill. Soon my legs were moving, but I was not going anywhere.

Then, I looked out through the large windows, and realized why the gym was failing.

It overlooked a town cemetery !

Newfoundlanders are intensely superstitious !

I quickly found this out after we moved here from Ontario.

The town planners had completely overlooked our townspeople’s attitude towards cemeteries.

The psychology for motivating people to become fit had not been considered here. People do not like to exercise while looking at gravestones.

I have heard that plans are underway for a new gym at a different location.

We know that the spirit of fear never comes from God. Many people are bound by fears and superstitions that the Lord longs to free them from.

May God grant us the grace to be a source of comfort to people who are becoming increasingly fearful in our society that increasingly choses to ignore God.

7 thoughts on “The Gym Investigator

  1. I have never gone to a gym though I did go into one to find out about it. Turned out that none of their equipment would be suitable for my age and physical condition. In a way I was glad because I was sure that if I had signed up I would never stick to it anyway and it would be a waste of money even though it was only $10 I think every 2 weeks.

    That is interesting about cemeteries. I love to walk through old cemeteries and read the tombstones. I find it a very peaceful occupation. And the older the graves the more I enjoy it. I wonder about the people buried there, what their lives were like, why they died so young etc. I wonder how a population like that would come to be so superstitious. Hopefully the new location will prompt people to make use of the gym.


    1. Hi Diane ! I also enjoy walking through old cemeteries. For three years I worked here as a volunteer cemetery caretaker, and enjoyed the peaceful environment.
      Cultural differences are enormous here in rural Newfoundland, compared to Ontario. I am unsure how the people here became so superstitious. Thanks for commenting. ๐Ÿค—


  2. โ™ก …and may Goddess do so too EveryOne; as SHE!!! has done so with this Insightful Blog



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