Have you ever listened to your own heartbeat through a stethoscope ? It is fascinating, and a reminder that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image !

I listen to my heart sometimes before I begin my morning devotions. This reminds me to stay in the moment with the Lord, to rejoice, and to refrain from worrying, since the Lord has everything under control.

In Biblical Days, people believed that the source of our thoughts and feelings was in the heart, and thus, there are over 100 references to ‘the heart’ in the Bible. Jesus tells us that the pure in heart will see God; those who love and serve Christ will eventually see the world as compassionately as he does.

The Bible also speaks of those with ‘hardened hearts’, people who wilfully disobey God, ignore his Son, and mock Christians. We are called to pray for them, despite their disobedience.

After our parish experienced clergy abuse five years ago, one of my family members became so discouraged, he left the faith. The effects of clergy betrayal are far-reaching , and devastating.

How do I react to this tragedy? I pray for my family member to return to the faith. I never give up, but persist in prayer. God hear my prayers, I know.

God softens and changes hearts, in response to prayer. Remember that Saul of Taursus, who once persecuted the early church, was converted and became St. Paul, writer of much of the New Testament.

Let us continue to pray for those with ‘hardened hearts’. God is in the business of turning sinners into saints.

21 thoughts on “Hearts

    1. Hi Dawn ! Let us keep encouraging each other, and fellow Christians , to persist in prayer for loved ones who have left the faith. God’s timing is different from ours.
      And, I am always encouraged by your posts, because you show the world what a true Christian looks like. 🤗

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  1. This is so true about the world today. My heart prays for as many in this category. May we not wax cold and leave faith!.

    Keep encouraging him and being there for him. God surely changes heart. Just as Proverbs states “God owns the hearts of kings and turns it wherever He pleases”.

    All is well and will be by His Mercies!.❤


  2. Sally, I appreciate your tenderness of heart especially for hurting people. I know that prayer changes hearts, then situations. I’m thankful that we serve the God of love who reconciles and restores us to life. I pray with you that your family member will find the heart-healing that he/she needs to continue in their walk of love before the Father. Blessings to you and your family ♥


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