How To Recognize a Gentleman

Do you long for the days when Emily Post taught people good manners and social etiquette ? We should always strive to treat others kindly.

I can recognize a gentleman immediately, when I am introduced to him in a social setting. This is because a gentleman never extends his hand to shake mine, unless I extend my hand first. If of course, I am first to extend my hand upon meeting, then, he may shake my hand , but gently, please !

I remember three things about our former Baptist pastor: his excellent sermons, his shiny green suit, and his bone crushing handshakes, which left me with my spirit soothed, and my hand sore.

So, dear gentlemen, please wait to see if a woman wishes to shake hands with you before you extend your hand.

May God give us the grace to treat everyone kindly.

Pictured is the ‘Ball Family’ crest on my husband’s black blazer.

21 thoughts on “How To Recognize a Gentleman

    1. Hi Yari ! There is a movement underway today, and info. available on the internet about many companies considering banning hand shaking in the workplace. Men’s hands are generally larger than women’s, and I have experienced painful handshakes. I have a friend who is of the Sikh faith, and when we greet each other, we bow, with our hands in prayer position, and say ” Sat sri akal”, which means : God is great. Culturally, it was the woman’s decision on whether she wanted to shake hands with a man. πŸ˜„ Not every woman does. 😁

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  1. Refreshing post, Sally! Move to the Southern U.S. Sally….that’s the way it’s “usually” done!! And a whole set of guidelines for how men shake hands with each other too!


  2. Sally, all of what you said is totally true! And all people should strive to treat each other kindly as a first and foremost step toward proper etiquette! You reminded me of way back growing up how all of my relatives in my parents and grandparents generations were very much that way; and all of the men behaved just like real gentlemen and were always gentle, not only in handshaking but in minding manners and how they spoke to and treated others around them, especially the women! I also remember me and all of my siblings or cousins being told to show respect to our elders!
    The “Ball Family” crest is very cool and interesting; I really like how the images are in multiples of three!
    Many Blessings to the Ball Family!


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