Prayer For A Comb

What do you do to comfort yourself when you are anxious or stressed ?

I comb my hair ! I have a comb made of pale green jade, from China. Jade is beautifully cool to the touch, and when I comb my hair with it, it makes a gentle, very soothing sound.

Combing the hair with jade combs is part of the Chinese Therapy of Tui Na. Hair combing therapy is not, as yet, well-known in North America.

At the end of a hair combing session with my jade comb, I feel relaxed yet invigorated, and my hair is very shiny.

I told my friend Heather, who attends a very strict Christian Church, that I practise hair combing therapy. She told me that this was wrong ! She said that Christians should never participate in healing therapies from other cultures. I asked her : ‘Who said so ? She said she wasn’t sure, but it was “Somebody”. I do not listen to the opinions of “Somebody”. I do, however, strive with all my heart, mind, and soul, to follow what God has revealed to us in the Bible.

I did a reference check, and I could not find any biblical passages saying ‘Thou shalt not comb thine hair.’

I continue to enjoy my Chinese comb, and I pray also for Heather, whose Church has filled her with many fears.

I smile then, as I recall the words of our Lord in Luke 12:7, when he tells us that he loves us so much that the hairs of our heads are all counted.

26 thoughts on “Prayer For A Comb

  1. Sally, Your insight and stories are refreshing. It’s strange how many times people believe what they read or are told, just because. It’s important to check out anything to see if it’s inline with what God’s Word says! Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thanks, Debra ! Here, in our fishing village, we are somewhat isolated from the rest of the world, ( except through the media), and so, if “Somebody” says something, then it is assumed to be true. ! 😄

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  2. It interesting how the smallest acts can be like therapy for us. I do most of my computing on my ipad. However, the ipad keyboard can be very inhibiting for one who learned typing the classic way in school, so in September I bought a wireless keyboard where I could feel the keys and it brings me such great satisfaction. It’s Christmas in September.


  3. It’s quite amusing to see believers hold on to traditions as sinful and have no scriptural support for it. Wow! Amazing grace to us, my sister…keep on combing your hair, “thou shalt enjoy your hair therapy”….once you were stressed, now you are free.

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    1. Hi Sally, been busy and out of sync with catching up with bloggers but I was going through my emails and this title seemed pretty different so I had to take a peek! Without doing any research and admittedly never having heard anything about jade combs from China, I still want to try offering some thoughts. I can’t be sure what your friend was basing her thoughts on but I do know that China being truly a Communist totalitarian nation perhaps your friend is troubled that you follow any practices that originated from there with a comb made there from jade as some ancient religious practice. She may have been thinking that you are dancing or flirting with practices that are based on non-Christian beliefs or the lack of any belief system from God. From my best assessment China’s government advocates an atheist mind-set and only tolerates small enclaves of Christians but highly restricted and recently have clamped down on them more! But, what I’m driving at is what I heard Dr. Robertson on his CBN 700 Club one day speaking to regarding some question a woman had about participating in yoga with devout teachers of it in a class, and he said she should not because they usually do a pray and even some chanting before getting into all of the body flexing exercises and that they are opening a channel to demonic spirits when they do such and are not connecting to our heavenly Father in many such ancient tribal or man-made practices that flirt with worship of a deity or over spirit of the universe and even to the occult figures such as goddesses and so on. I personally know from study that Hindus do have belief in multiple pagan gods and spirits so that is a blasphemy for any Christian to partake in anyway. I myself never took a yoga class but I would not want to for some of the stated reasoning along with my already having standard exercise I’ve used since high school, so pretty much all of my life that suits me fine. If you have already researched the complete origin of combing hair with a jade comb from China and feel confident there is nothing associated with the practice that falls into this murky area I mention, then I would say it’s simply what you depicted as combing of your hair with a comb made of jade which could be another material as well which in and of itself carries no baggage with it. If all checks out I would think that your friend may have been concerned for some of the reasoning I bring up or she doesn’t want anything to do with Chinese practices or the things women do there because of their horrid human rights record and totalitarian view on life in their government and among many of its people, which I can understand her reticence very well and she means well I would think and cares about you.
      I hope I didn’t complicate matters but I tend to really not leave a stone unturned when it comes to ancient practices and any subject that creates some controversy.
      Brother in Christ Jesus,


      1. Hi Sally! Thank you very much, but you are very kind to say the least; as I’m not so convinced that my insights are excellent enough or at least not most of the time. I just try too hard sometimes or just go with my gut and say things but that can be difficult for others to handle, so if that has ever been the case or may be in the future I do apologize. But, do know I really want to try my best to be helpful, so if that is the case I’m more than glad to have contributed, but if not I certainly want to know where I went wrong so I can make appropriate correction.
        Meanwhile, I hope and pray that all is wonderful and well for you and yours!
        God Bless you sister in Christ Jesus.
        Brother in Christ Jesus,


  4. Who told that combing as a soothing Practice is wrong – somebody. That got me. How often do we hear that. Many like a steaming hot cup of tea when upset, it does not mean we worship the comb or the tea.
    I love how you take simple things in life and bring God right into the centre of it.


  5. Coloring (very dangerous chemicals like lead) and bleaching, heavy makeup and coverup, witchy artificial nails, artificial eyelashes, artificial moles, etc. came out of those countries too, especially Egypt. Not healthy. Remember when women were criticized for wearing it? It is an ancient practice. Brushing the hair with a natural bristle brush daily, I was taught 60 years ago, gives the hair lustre and health. I have a medical book that my father used printed in 1954; it agrees. And any product made with a natural mineral, gem, fur, etc.. is superior to plastic and heavy metals, rubber and spandex which is what we get from China. Even socks has rubber in it now plus spandex. Very unhealthy for our feet. Spandex is a combination, it seems, of plastic, rubber and elastic, etc. Who knows? Only the rich can afford the organic and pure and genuine, and they hoard it for themselves – and to sell to others at exorbitant prices. Man-made combined materials are questionable. Sally, you have travelled and seemed to have gotten some gems from all those places. It must feel lovely to comb with a jade comb.

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  6. Never heard of this therapy before, but I enjoy combing my hair and find it relaxing because the comb massage your scalp. Some people like to create silly commandments.


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