Prayer For a Housewife

How do you feel when you hear the word

‘housewife’? As a young woman, I feared that word !

I came of age at the height of the Women’s Liberation Movement. Radical Feminists such as Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan taught that women must be freed from the shackles of Patriarchy. They must compete with men in the paid Labour Force. Being a mere housewife was a shameful thing, we were taught.

I bought into this ideology, and so did my best friend, Betty. She became a Chartered Accountant, and I, a Sociologist. We also married, had children, and lived our lives at a frantic pace, assisted by loving extended family support.

Now, being older, and somewhat wiser, I am a housewife, a nurturer of my husband, and of friends who stop by for tea or lunch. I am also a nurturer of this community, through Social Advocacy work.

There is beauty in being a nurturer, and in small delights such as enjoying the comfort of Egyptian cotton sheets, dried outside in the fresh salt air, crisply ironed, and lightly sprayed with lavender.

May God forgive me for my earlier attitude towards housewives.

Pictured is my Superwoman apron.

25 thoughts on “Prayer For a Housewife


    ♡ I Seek Solutions instead of Promoting Problems EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that We ALL Have Limitations yet We Can ALL Do Things Others Struggle To Do so I Suggest Figure Out Your Weaknesses and Strengths


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  2. I didn’t grow up in the same time, but it was more towards the “angry chic” (as they called it) time, when it was cool to be grungy and difficult and just an angry woman! (Jagged Little Pill intensifies). :-p

    I was sold the idea that if I stayed at home to care for a husband and family, I had lost at life. Game over. Useless, lazy, and unworthy.

    But I’ve come to realize that I love taking care of my home. It feels like gratitude. It feels like saying “thank you” to God not just with my words, but with my actions. And with technology today, I was able to earn my college degree online (at home!) and now I am an author (also at home!). Best of both worlds.

    Beautiful blog 🙂 I love that apron!! LoL God bless, my friend!

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    1. Congratulations to you YariGarciaWrites! Fantastic words of wisdom and contemplative happiness! You certainly proved Sally’s point and affirmed my worry and concern seeing how women were being manipulated or even having their minds and hearts poisoned by wicked thinking person’s even nefarious forces to bring ruin, but thank God so many genuinely good Women exist with the blessings God bestowed upon them and they either saw the writing on the wall or indeed awoke to the beauty in store for those that will just accept their God-given strengths and weaknesses to be the shining example of who they really are and make the best of it! You sure did that in spades and I’m so impressed and happy for you; made me smile ear to ear Woman! God Bless You and Yours!
      Brother in Christ Jesus,

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  3. Sally, I truly respect you candor and complete honesty here! Boy did you say it right, and I saw all of this radicalism evolving over the years and knew it looked and felt all wrong which in the end it was just a rebellious radial rebellion started by crazies who thought they knew better for the world but alas; they did not know Jack, nor God apparently! The old school paradigm was fine, and sure it could use a little upgrading here and there to adjust to the modern technological world but everything and everybody else is adjusting at the same time, so then you get smooth improvement where and when needed, not disjointed tearing a new one battles that have ensued for so many years! Of course in time those who were literally wrong are seen for what they were, troublemakers, and then people can hopefully get back like mom would always say, “we need to get down to the brass tacks!” If it’s not broke don’t fix it kind of outlook is my view! I like your apron by the way! Very colorful, cheery and outstanding like you for sure; if a man and family have a wife and mom around wearing that, they should not only be counting themselves lucky but be inspired by the House Wife/Mom/Leader/Superwoman Heroine who wears it! “The Tree of Abundance and the Rock of the Family!” 🤗
    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      1. Why of course Sally, I’m more than happy to offer my honest perspective to you! I’ve learned over the years how truly amazing good wholesome women really are; truly a gift and blessing to us all! Thank you for being one of those special ones!
        God Bless You and Yours. Amen.


  4. Sing in the voice of freedom and allow the change to be
    It is the symbol of goodness , progress is going to be ,
    Know the truth to set you free,
    Our eternity is a key ,
    Have a good insight for all to  see, God bless Lebanon symbolized by a Cedars tree …

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  5. Those days Sally we were taught a lot of things that were not Biblical. The bible said that the husband must labor to bring food on the table while the woman labor in childbirth. Unfortunately, due to financial constraint it was not possible to do this. It is a joy to stay home to care for your family. I can see that you are enjoying yourself. Have a blessed weekend.


  6. I also felt the same. While our perception of the word is or can be a mere reflection of our prior experiences, it doesn’t mean it won’t change. Now, I can’t wait to tie the know with my fiance, under God’s grace and blessing, and be called the housewife. Lol.

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  7. This is wonderful Sally. In my part of the world these days, a woman is called lazy and an idler if she ever stayed home either to catre for her little kids or family. The woman is expected to take the kids to day care and find a job. So every woman strive to escape being called that dreadful name.
    . Thank you for making this post, at least someone recognises that they’re doing a.great job as housewives.



    This site may be helpful to some.
    Just today I was reading my journal from 1992. I was able to stay home after my second child was born. He was 10 when I wrote this. “As a homemaker, I sometimes become bored and want to get out “into the world” – “do something else with my life”, I feel housebound. But when I am in prayer and in God’s Word, God shows me the importance of what I am doing. Raising children, serving them and my husband can be a “thankless job’ but doing it in and for Jesus, I can see countless blessings and rewards. I see so many children with both parents working in order to have “things”. Many come home to an empty house or more day care. Children are over-programmed in school and after school; they are as stressed as their parents. There is no time for prayer, church, reflection, eating together, sharing the day. Daycare has given government more control over our children’s lives. It’s at times like these I thank God for the privilege of being able to stay at home, live comfortably, and serve my family. It is faith and belief in the institution of marriage and family, and the power of love, that keeps me strong and confident….”
    That’s just a paragraph from my journal 27 years ago. Today it is often necessary that both parents work; the cost of rent and groceries, keeping a house, and living in general have skyrocketed, not to mention the high divorce rate.
    God bless and protect and keep our children and grandchildren.


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