A Prayer For Voicemail

Do you have voicemail on your telephone ?

Do you enjoy leaving voicemails for others ?

I have no voicemail, and never leave voicemail for anyone. It is one aspect of leading a very peaceful life !

Recently I assisted a physician friend by retrieving his office voicemails while his secretary was away. I thought it would be an easy task. I was wrong !

Many people mumble when leaving voicemails, and most speak way too quickly. They leave their telephone call-back numbers hastily, and unclearly. This caused me considerable frustration, as I was forced to listen to some messages four or five times, and still could not figure out the telephone number.

Now, as an exhausted and retired voicemail retriever, may I offer the following tips for those who choose to leave voicemails at professionals’ offices :

  1. Speak clearly, and enunciate carefully when stating your name. Spelling your surname is useful.
  2. Please state your telephone number slowly and clearly. Repeating your telephone number once or twice is helpful too. Please remember, a person listening to the voicemail needs time to copy the numbers down.

We remember also that God leaves no voicemails for us. He expects us to be attentive to Him at all times. We never know when his still quiet voice may be speaking to us.

11 thoughts on “A Prayer For Voicemail

  1. Hi Sally,
    Great advice and something far too many people take for granted not practicing effective voicemail etiquette for the person on the receiving end. You bring to my mind how the world has gotten way too fast with all of this technology and the basic humility and humanity are being damaged or even lost in the fast paced shuffle of the ways of the world! I remember as a boy being more happy about how it felt to feel a sense of belonging and community but now that has receded into the background out of sight so technology can rule our lives in a sense if we don’t resist it to some extent at least, because we can’t stop it now the cat is out of the bag as the old expression goes! But our dignity, pride and even integrity are being beat up in this process of making the world we live in too technologically connected letting the machines rule our behavior patterns and how we go about living our daily lives using the gifts God has given us to live, from the rich bounty of His creation and share it with one another! Instead we as human beings are being captivated and even captured or controlled by the artificial or world of machines to follow suit with the rest of the humans in this sea of almost mindless or hypnotized surrender to a voice removed from God! I’m sure anyone out there will agree with me how it’s become a very standard thing in our societies to see people in a public setting standing or walking as they continuously look at a hand held device! That to me is a sign of people being almost tuned out of the space or locale they occupy at that moment and certainly aren’t going to be aware well enough of other humans or the nature around them, more like being on auto-pilot and not engaged. I’ve been in the supermarket reaching for an item to have someone walk up into my space while they are yakking away on a phone and can’t even take a moment to pause and say hello and excuse me I just need to get something there on the shelf; sort of like nothing else matters even me doing what I’m doing there outside of that cellphone and that person’s conversation with someone not even there, while shopping! I used to look forward years ago after a day of work and other activities in the world like shopping to be at home later in a quiet setting and make those few phone calls or receive one from a family member or friend and calmly enjoy a little chat or get caught up and make PLANS to see EACH OTHER! I know even the Pope has a Twitter account I read someplace, but that doesn’t appeal to me at all and so I don’t nor have I had Facebook, and for a very technical guy I really have resisted I think mainly because I know what it was once like to live more subtlety and have more peace and quiet not just in one’s mind but all around with the other people in your life and that to me made for real connections, perhaps so few compared to now, how some people have followers in the tens of thousands and more, but where is the good or quality in any of that? I can’t feel connected or appreciated or even truly appreciate another in such an artificial stilted scenario like that; there is no real sharing on a personal level, but just a lot of lip service or hot air and smoke and mirror cheap parlor tricks type activity! Where all of this is very sad and perhaps dangerous, is when a person has very limited hands-on reality relationships with high quality and instead is immersed in the technological cyber world of artificiality and that isn’t what God intended for His children to be while on this bountiful earth! I’m afraid to truly think where all of this heading but I don’t see it as good, and so I pray for God’s deliverance for the world even more than ever now, and that it will be sooner rather than later!
    Don’t get me wrong there are some positives that come out of technology and our ability to communicate from anywhere at any moment, but to me there have been trade-offs or negatives taking the place of the good benefits such as convenience we gain with much of this cyber world. Maybe this means the life on earth paradigm has shifted to usher in God’s plan too, putting everything on the fast track! If so I pray that suffering is kept to a minimum while I hope the end result is so very good!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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    1. Thanks, Lawrence for your insights and wise observations.
      I refuse to be rushed ( unless there is an emergency).
      Even the check out line at the grocery store is rushed. What ‘s the hurry ?
      I always check my receipt carefully, and take my time putting my debit card away.
      If I see that someone is crowding me, and urging me to move more quickly, I will sweetly smile and say to them : “patience is a virtue”. 🤗

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      1. Sally, thank you again, that’s great how you handle such situations; and I need to do the same better! I love the, “patience is a virtue,” and I’m going to try that next time for sure! I think my problem with be extra troubled by these things stems from the fact that I’ve had jobs with time constraints and tight schedules to follow over the years and then coupling that with the sped up world around us by people; I got too keyed up and want things to be slower again like I remember it being in my past as a kid!
        I remember my Granddad saying, “where’s the fire” to someone in the family or “slow down it’s healthier to take things slowly,” and “that in the world there are people in a hurry to get to their own funeral!” I know that is true because people that are continually stressed to get to wherever or get what they’re doing done in a hurry all the time; end up ill or worse.
        Life’s lessons, but Granddad gave me an insight way back that you awakened!
        Thanks for helping and stirring all this reflection within me! 🤗


  2. I don’t have a cell phone, but do have an answering machine attached to my land line. I get very few messages on it–thankfully–but the thing that frustrates me the most is text-to-landline. Some of these are totally undecipherable and others are just plain hilarious. Often I have no idea what the message is all about. I don’t like leaving messages either, but sometimes I have to. If it’s someone who doesn’t know me, I usually give my name and phone number, often spell out my name and then repeat the phone number before I hang up. Like you, I am very happy that the Lord has no voicemail but is always available when we call Him.

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