Do you consider yourself to be detail-oriented? Do you have a keen sense of observation ?

I was recently applying some hand cream, and noticed the friction ridges on my fingertips. Everyone has friction ridges on their hands and feet. These ridges, which begin to form during the sixth week of gestational development, are what cause us to leave fingerprints when we touch surfaces.

My fascination with fingerprints began when my son was training to become a police officer, and was studying crime scene investigation.

Humans have three patterns of fingerprints : loops, whorls and arches. My fingerprints are in the arch pattern, a trait shared by five percent of the population.

Within these three patterns; however, all human fingerprints are unique; not even identical twins share the exact fingerprints.

God is so incredibly detail-oriented, that He chooses to create distinct friction ridges for billions of people. We know that we can trust God with every detail of our lives. We can trust, and not be afraid.

After my fascinating contemplation of friction ridges and fingerprints, I realized that my refrigerator door had fingerprints on it; it was time to begin my homecaring duties.

I am detail-oriented too.

12 thoughts on “Detail-Oriented

  1. I am very detail oriented when it comes to writing, especially if that writing is in a teaching format. I don’t want to leave anyone with the impression that I have said something that I have not really said so I go to great lengths to explain myself. I also notice things around me that often others don’t notice until I point them out. I suppose that is the artist in me. Yet I am not a particularly organized person. It is very reassuring to know that the Lord never misses one detail in our lives.

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    1. Hi Diane ! Yes, it is comforting and so reassuring to know that God never misses any of the details of our lives. Yes, I so agree, writing is a powerful for teaching and encouragement, and I also ask the Lord to bless my words so that they will bring encouragement.
      Yes, you are very artistic. I am still thinking about those swaying grasses, the Willow tree, and the lilies in the video you posted recently. πŸ€—


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