Sword Drill ?

Do you agree that sometimes different Christian groups can have misunderstandings ?

I told some Catholic friends that we used to have ‘Sword Drills’ in our Baptist church, and my friends thought this term sounded rather violent !

I explained that a sword drill was when the pastor called out a Bible verse, for example : John 3:16, and we, the attendees, who all had our Bibles ready, would compete to see who could locate the verse the fastest and read it out loud. It was an excellent way to learn, and to memorize Scripture passages.

In Ephesians 6:17, Paul describes the Word of God as the ‘sword of the spirit’.

It is our spiritual defensive weapon. Jesus himself demonstrated how He used this spiritual sword to defend himself when he was tempted in the desert, starting his defense statements with ‘It is written…’.

In the past, it was highly unlikely that a rural Catholic Newfoundlander of my generation would have had a Bible of their own to read. My friend Ellen confirmed this. At age 64, she is happy to now have her very own Bible to read and study.

Let us pray for the grace to maintain our desire to study God’s word. It will protect us.

13 thoughts on “Sword Drill ?

    1. I use my iPad too to look up scripture. But I love also to read a Bible which belonged to my beloved mother-in-law , Ruth. It is beautiful, and the pages smell faintly of roses. Let us rejoice that God’s Word is so widely available these days.

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  1. Thank You Sally,
    Beautiful photo which displays the essence of what you described in your essay perfectly! The word of God is totally awesome and beautiful full of inspiration from the Holy Spirit, but beneath the outer representation or within meaning of those words is the spiritual power of God Himself for whom Jesus Christ died on the cross doing the Father’s will to complete the New and Everlasting Covenant with His children, so that in His absence since His ascension to heaven being seated at the right hand of the Father these Holy Scriptural Words are “All the Power” we need to protect and guide us until we are with Him forever! I appreciate you’re sharing this Sally as I’ve never quite heard it put this way with the methodology of learning Holy Scripture in such a unique and compelling way!
    God Bless You and Your Family!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      1. Sally, you’re always welcome but I must thank you for so many beautiful and inspiring thoughts, ideas and photos with your essays! I enjoy all of it very much and wish you happiness in all you do! All brothers and sisters in Christ should share in all the blessings God has given to us! 🤗


  2. The word is an indispensable weapon which effectively stops the enemy in his tracks because he cannot refute it. He may try, but it will not work when we stand firmly on the foundation of the word. Great reminder for every one of us, Sally. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. God bless.


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