A Prayer For Thermostats

Do you and your spouse or significant other sometimes have disagreements about your choices of ideal temperatures inside your home ?

Cooler weather has arrived in Newfoundland, and that means my husband and I need to make some serious compromises concerning our thermostat settings, since I am generally too warm, and he is too cold. The other day he had the heat turned up so high that I struggled to breathe, and we knew it was time to have a I Corinthians 13:4 discussion.

This has been the verse guiding our marriage of 45 years. Paul reminds us : ‘ Love is patient and kind…love does not insist on its own way…’

We have made some compromises. In some areas of the house, he will wear a warm sweater, while I wear summer clothes. In his T.V. watching room, he can turn up the heat as high as he likes; I rarely enter that room. We long ago accepted the fact that he watches television, while I don’t.

And thankfully, in my prayer and blogging alcove, I can keep the heat turned off and the window open.

Let us give thanks to God for the privilege of being to control our environment through heating or air conditioning. Let us also pray for all couples, and relationships. Thousands of loving compromises are necessary on the part of both partners in order to maintain healthy and rewarding relationships.

21 thoughts on “A Prayer For Thermostats

  1. The age old question of should the house be too cold for one, or too hot for the other. I admit, I usually control the climate of the apartment, I’m usually cold, and I just tell him to walk around in shorts and a t shirt…

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  2. I live alone,so I don’t have to be concerned about differing likes as to temperature. But I also don’t have any control over the heat, so if it’s cold, I’m bundled up, and if it’s really hot, the windows and balcony door are open and I wear cooler clothes. For a few weeks early this year it was around 90′ F in my apartment and I like to be warm, but that was ridiculous. It’s too noisy on our street to keep my bedroom window open at night, so it was really hard to sleep. I was so glad when that issue was resolved. You have solved your situation very well. Communication is the key. God bless.


    1. Hi ! Good to hear from you. Yes, communication is important for all of us. The climate here is pleasant, although on the map Newfoundland looks so far North.
      It’s a temperate, cool climate, and we don’t get much snow. πŸ€—

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      1. Sounds good to me. I don’t like snow and freezing cold. It’s been quite nice here but very windy the past couple of days, but I am definitely not looking forward to winter.

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  3. I used to not like how cold my wife wanted it in the house, but I found we sleep better in the cooler air anyway. As others have said, I feel blessed to just have the ability to even decide the temperature of my home, and even have a home in the first place!

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