The Ocean Sings

Did you know that the ocean sings ? Sometimes it sings quietly, but today it is quite loud, and the waves are dancing !

I watched some YouTube videos on ocean waves, and the sound I heard was the same sound I hear every day. Some research is claiming that the sound frequency of the ocean is 528 hz (hertz), a measurement of sound frequency. The research says that this sound is soothing and healing.

I asked one of my spiritual advisors, a priest, if he knew anything about the sound made by the ocean and whether he knows anything about sound frequencies. He looked at me with great puzzlement, wondering if I was wandering into any “New Age ” territory.

He encouraged me; however, to read and meditate upon Psalm 148, where the psalmist encourages nature to praise God. I read that Psalm, and many others, and finished my reading with Psalm 150. I noticed how many times the phrase ‘Praise the Lord’ occurs. Let us praise the Lord for the magnificence of his creation, including the sea, that ‘sings’.

24 thoughts on “The Ocean Sings

  1. God is in everyone and everything, after the winter comes the spring,
    The birds would start to sing,
    Blessings afterwards would they bring ,
    Nature is a wonderful thing ,
    The bells of joy shall ring,
    Bing , bing , bing ,

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  2. The ocean is marvelous, it’s a glimpse into the majesty and magnificence of our God. I watched YouTube videos about the layers of the ocean. It’s so mind blowing! I always love your post Sally! 🤗

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  3. Very beautiful Sister in Christ, Sally; everything is from the same origin God as an expression of his love and creative power, so all things are expressing God’s omnipotence. This is also a reason why we all should worship God’s awesomeness and majesty; he is the Lord thy God. Amen
    Brother in Christ,

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  4. Sally, you are correct on your research. The frequency of wave action and also of a fire burning resets the alpha waves in the brain. That frequency has also been used in studies with success on helping ADHD children do their homework (for example). I have a PHD psychologist brother (now retired) who worked on this research. God knows what he is doing.

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