The Housewife’s Path

How do you feel about going grocery shopping ?

Do you consider it a dreaded chore, a pleasurable experience, or somewhere in between ?

Most weekday mornings I walk to the orange grocery store near my house, carrying my red cloth shopping bags. I follow the same housewife’s path along the Atlantic Ocean that many generations of homemakers walked before me. The orange store has stood by the ocean since 1842.

In the past, women carried armloads of dried salted cod that their husbands had caught , and exchanged them at the merchant’s store for a few basic food stuffs and home supplies. Everything was done on the barter system, no money was exchanged.

The merchant’s store has changed ! An amazing variety of foods from around the world can be bought there now. There is organic olive oil from Spain in lovely dark glass bottles. We enjoy lemons from Spain, delicious chocolate from France, and many other international treats.

No music, thankfully, is playing in the store, so I can take my time browsing , and admiring all the food that God has provided .Yesterday I noticed that a fresh shipment of pears from South Africa had arrived. The nice store also has some chairs, so I can take a break from the exciting activity of food perusing.

I don’t use a shopping cart, but when my two cloth bags start to feel a bit heavy, I stop shopping because I know that I need to carry my groceries home.

Yesterday I purchased ingredients to make cream of mushroom soup. Fall is coming, and my cooking habits change with the seasons; cooler weather requires more comfort food.

A trip to the grocery store is always a time of prayer and thanksgiving for the bounty of food that God provides, even here, at the edge of North America.

God is good. Let us rejoice and be glad.

9 thoughts on “The Housewife’s Path

  1. Lovely picture that you have spoken about. The Orange store seems wonderful. I would love to live there as this fits my feeling of peace and prayer.:)


  2. Such a nice little town you live in. All the grocery stores here are a madhouse. Lol. Thanks for the reminder we should pray and reflect as we go about our daily tasks. ❤️


  3. Any time I want to grumble about “having” to go the grocery store, I need stop and remind myself to be thankful I am able to shop for food…


  4. I don’t really like shopping of any kind, but grocery shopping is a necessity and I do it as quickly as possible. But I do like the store I shop in as they have a lot of organic choices and international foods. The only problem is that it is so large, but I suppose it is good exercise. I’m too far to walk there and I usually only go once a week, so it’s too heavy to carry. Your experience sounds like a pleasurable one. My store does have a bench, but it’s on the way out, so I can’t just sit down in the middle of shopping.


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