A Prayer For Limes

Have you ever felt unnoticed ? It is an unnerving feeling.

I was standing on the porch of a favourite local establishment, ‘East Coast Glow’, holding a paper bag containing my purchase of Avocado and Lime lotion. It is a natural product, containing locally sourced iceberg water, and avocados and limes from Mexico.

I noticed five people walking towards the door of the store, and I smiled at them, to welcome them to this fine establishment. They; however, did not acknowledge me or even look at me.

Quickly I realized that they were tourists to our quaint and friendly fishing town. It is likely that they came from a larger centre far away, where strangers usually do not look at each other or make eye contact. I remember that feeling. When I was a student in Toronto, I remember feeling afraid sometimes if strangers were friendly and smiling at me.

Not so in our welcoming town ! It is unheard of that two rural Newfoundlanders would ignore each other while passing on the street. Everyone greets their neighbour here, and will usually make a comment about the weather too.

Similarly, God notices us, and is concerned about every detail of our lives. I am aware of the Lord’s constant presence with me as I live each day ; this reminds me to always strive to live my life in a manner that is pleasing to God, and my neighbour.

As I left the store, I prayed for the people who had ignored me, and also for the unknown workers who had laboured hard to grow and pick the avocados and limes grown in Mexico.

9 thoughts on “A Prayer For Limes

  1. There are a lot of people who walk past without noticing others. Though I live in London Ontario, a city of close to 400,000, I find that people are often friendly if you speak to them first. I have had some great conversations with people in the grocery store and other stores, at the bank, and other public places. But I am careful as to who I do strike up a conversation with as I am sometimes afraid of giving the wrong impression to people who might not be safe to talk to. I find both types of people in my apartment building too. Some are very friendly, others don’t give you the time of day and if you do say Good morning look at you as if you are from another planet. But, as you have said, God always notices us and that is a wonderful thing to know. And we can always find a reason to pray for others, friends or otherwise. So much better than criticizing or deliberately ignoring others. You’ve got the right attitude, Sally, and I love it.

    Your lime/avocado lotion sounds lovely. I love the smell of limes and love limeade, but have never had lime essential oil or anything with it as an ingredient in skin care products.

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    1. Yes, I so agree, many people are friendly if you speak to them first. We can be sure that everyone we encounter is troubled in some way. It is part of our human nature. It is good to recognize ourselves as members of one family – the human family. And, I am certain that God appreciates your efforts to reach out and be friendly to others. 🤗


  2. God is always with us. What a blessing to have His presence. You’re always so compassionate and thoughtful Sally. It’s such a good thing to pray for the workers in Mexico. I said a prayer for them too. 💚


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