Without a Camera

Have you ever regretted not taking photos during an important experience ?

I brought my digital camera on my pilgrimage to Israel, but did not bring home any photos.

When I arrived in the Holy Land, I knew that photographing things would distract me from paying close attention to each magnificent passing moment.

The country is a colourful explosion of growing things- cotton, banana trees, and a plentitude of other fruits and vegetables. A photograph could not capture the full beauty of the fact that the words of Isaiah are true, the desert is indeed blooming !

I knew a photo wouldn’t help me remember the magnificent smell of flowers everywhere. In particular I smelled orange blossoms ( Neroli). It is the smell of holiness.

A camera could not help me to remember the smooth feel of the water from the river Jordan on my legs as we stood to renew our baptismal promises.

Neither would it capture the sounds of peaceful cooing doves, and the ancient revived Hebrew language being spoken.

I needed to be completely focused on the moment, not distracted, to enjoy the feeling of wonder and humility while kneeling at the Lord’s birthplace in Bethlehem. Luckily there are many posted photos of Israel to help me refresh my memories.

On the plane ride home, I thanked God for the opportunity of having walked where Jesus walked. The Holy Spirit then reminded me that it was even more important to live as Jesus had lived.

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    1. You are blessed to have visited the Holy Land. I was also surprised to see that parts of Israel are rugged, and have forests, and look like Newfoundland.
      I am praying for you, and for your family.

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  2. I have regretted not having my camera with me when I saw something I knew I would never see again. Not a significant trip like yours, more like unusual things in nature. And yes, I have regretted not taking photos at an important event. I took lots of photos at the weddings of two sisters, but for the third sister, the first to be married, for some reason I just didn’t feel like taking pictures. Now I do regret it but, of course, it is too late. I make sure to have my camera with me all the time now. But I do agree with Beverley and G.W. that your words create an unforgettable picture and atmosphere without a camera. Glad you had such a wonderful experience in the Holy Land. God bless.


  3. I love capturing important events in pictures to remind me of things that are not always with me. Great how you captured a lot in your mind. I’m sure the memory will always live with you. The sculpture if so inspiring.


    1. Thanks, Florence. I love the sculpture too. Makes me remember the joys of being a mom to a newborn.
      I have continued to pray for your daughter and hope that she in enjoying school now.


  4. My visit still is alive in the minds of my husband and I. I’m thankful that I had my camera as I enjoy looking back at the memories.

    You did an awesome job in capturing the memories through your thoughts. I always enjoy reading your blogs. Keep writing


  5. You have described your memories in great detail. True that a camera distracts us from really enjoying the moment. Though I find myself pre-occupied with capturing that which I may never see again.

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