The Rainbow Maker

Do you member the days when the word ‘rainbow’ was not a source of division ?

We thought of the rainbow as the magnificent bow in the sky that God created after the flood as a symbol of his covenant with mankind.

On sunny days, I know it will be a day for rainbow making, here by the sea !

My beloved mother-in-law gave me a little prism; she knew that I find great satisfaction in the simple joys of life.

I use the prism to create tiny rainbow patterns on the walls of my home. They provide me with much amusement.

Pictured, are the morning’s first little rainbows, coming in through the back door, which faces East.

The tiny rainbows, made from light, remind me always that Jesus is the light of the world. Let us pray that God gives us the grace to continue shining brightly in the darkness.

13 thoughts on “The Rainbow Maker

      1. We do not see them here by the sea, but further North, in Labrador, they are seen often. I would like to see them one day. I am fascinated by natural light, but don’t like artificial light.


    1. Hi Cindy : I have been thinking of you and read that you had evacuated. Glad that you are well now, and that the renovation is progressing.
      Yes, how beautiful that you saw a rainbow. God was sending a sign of comfort and consolation. We felt some strong winds and rain from the hurricane yesterday too. 🤗


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