Healthy Aging Tip From Newfoundland

How do you feel about artificial light ?

I have always instinctively disliked it, and felt that it was bad for human health. It turns out that much research supports my views.

Thomas Edison began his invention of the light bulb in 1878, and by the 1930s , electricity was available throughout the U.S.A.

Artificial light, scientists say, has disrupted human circadian rhythms ( biological clocks), interrupted human melatonin levels, and has created an epidemic of insomnia sufferers. People who regularly work at night, under artificial lights are more subject to developing conditions like depression and obesity.

Of course, society is now firmly entrenched in light pollution, which also has negative effects on animals and plants. For example, thousands of birds that fly at night are confused by artificial light in cities and wander off course, often injuring themselves.

As part of healthy aging, I try to be outside as much as I can during daylight hours. Our house has artificial light of course, but we use dimmer switches to keep the lighting soft in the evenings.

When I see the sun has set, that is my sign to rest, and avoid artificial light as much as I can.

After sundown is a wonderful time to pray, and simply spend time in the Lord’s presence.

It may be that avoiding unnecessary artificial light, especially blue light , from electronic devices at night, may contribute to healthy aging by assisting in maintaining good sleep patterns.

13 thoughts on “Healthy Aging Tip From Newfoundland

  1. Right …THIS is why I do my best to turn off unnecassary lights at night and use led lamps that consume less electricity and reduce electric consumption …
    It is better to sleep as early as you can and wake at 5 O’clock as our ancestors have done and in the morning , you are more productive , more aware and calmer …

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      1. It is not only wisdom but also lack of nowadays technology with all its pros and cons but we shall do our best to choose the best we can from everything , from every situation .


  2. Twilight is a transition between the opposites of darkness and light , the view of the sun in the day and the stars at night . You switch your state of consciousness during sleep at night …This is what I have read that it is like the sunset is the birth and the sunset is like death and the dawn is like rebirth and regeneration…


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