Is Vanity a Sin ?

At what point do we cross the line between being good stewards of the bodies that God has given us, and becoming sinfully vain ? I am unsure where that line is, what is your opinion ?

I did, however, take a picture of myself today. I took it for a purpose, as my 70th Birthday approaches. I do not regularly photograph myself, however.

This is the three score and ten ( 70 years) lifespan that the Bible talks about.

How do I feel as the day approaches ? Joyful, and thankful and peaceful. Let us celebrate the gift of years ! It is God’s gift to us.

37 thoughts on “Is Vanity a Sin ?

  1. I believe the only way to know is to be surrendered to God’s will. If we are truly willing to follow His leading, we will feel convicted when something we are doing is wrong. On the other hand, if we feel condemned, that’s the enemy, putting us down. Blessings, Sally, and Happy Birthday!


  2. (I agree with the others.) Top answer your question, I think we should look our best as representatives of Jesus, but when concern over our looks gets in the way of more important things, then it becomes sin. (I wrote about the day this happened to me most obviously. The post is called “The Vanity of Vanity,” and I plan to repost it soon.

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    1. Yes, I agree with you. We represent Jesus, and our greatest desire is to draw others to Him so that they can also experience his genuine peace and joy.
      I look forward to reading “The Vanity of Vanity”.πŸ€—

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  3. Sally you look beautiful and your skin is just glowing, you do not look anywhere near 70.
    With regards to vanity/ there is no harm in trying to look your best but let not our looks become our idol or let it not be a source of pride.

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  4. ♀ “Vanity” is a Personal Perception EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that We ALL Love Compliments and Hate Insults…funnily enough “sin” is also a Perception; the Reality is We ARE Diverse, even The Various Christian Groups ARE UNABLE!!! to Agree on EveryThing πŸ€” ? – Diamond Hard



    1. Thank-you Beverley for your kind comment. Yes, the indwelling Holy Spirit gives Christians a glow that creams and cosmetics cannot replicate. I notice in your photo your beautiful glow, and a joyful smile. πŸ€— ( but I use creams and cosmetics too…I don’t think the Lord minds..)


      1. Indeed, let’s! I’d much rather be how I am now than how I was when I was younger. There’s no substitute for experience xxxxxxxxx


      2. I totally agree with you. God takes his time in maturing us, and then, in his graciousness, allows us to share the wisdom he has shared with us.
        My beloved Mother-in-Law’s name was Ruth. She shared a lot of wisdom with me too, when I was young, and intrigued by ” the World.” πŸ€—


  5. I personally am just fine getting older. It’s a natural part of life. I enjoy it for what it is. Ever point along the journey has its own rewards. As your body changes so does your understand. It called maturity. It’s something that should be embraced and shared. Love the article. And you do look great πŸ˜„


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