Happy Aging Tip From Newfoundland

Do you have an ongoing awareness of how much God loves you , and desires to bless you ?

One of the great joys of growing older is developing an increasing sensitivity to how much God desires to bless us in countless ways.

While coming down the stairs this morning, I noticed a light on the stairs. It was coming through the glass on the front window. The Lord knows us so intimately, and knows exactly the kinds of things that delight us. He knew in advance that the light on the stairs would make me happy, and thus He placed it there.

Our town is historic; it was settled by John Cabot in 1497, and people have been commercially fishing here since then.

Our house is also historic; it was built, on rock, in 1915. The staircase is the original one. When I see those stairs, I think often of the master builder who carved the banister from a solid piece of Spruce wood. I also think of the original owners of the house who lived here with no electricity or indoor plumbing.

Today, and every day, let us ask God for the grace to recognize his blessings everywhere. It is the essence of maintaining a child-like heart. With simplicity of heart and trust in the Lord, aging brings us much happiness.

4 thoughts on “Happy Aging Tip From Newfoundland

  1. ◇ Diamond Hard – Goddess/”God” wants us to begin to break conditioning and start to understand and then fully understand, comprehend a simple yet universal truth; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that We ARE Carbon such as Coal then Coal comes under The Stress of Heat and Pressure from Gaia in Incredible Pain then finds that it is a diamond…pain is Our BirthRight; it’s Our Opportunity to Realise that We Can Heal OurSelves because The Divine is InSide…when We Breath In We Inhale N4O2; when We Breath Out We Exhale CO2 – Diamond Hard



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