Happy Aging Tip from Newfoundland

How do you like the term ‘anti-aging’ ? I prefer to focus on happy aging. The process of growing older is something to celebrate, rather than dread.

Each new day is God’s gift to us. Let us be thankful !

When my husband and I moved to the seaside, we eliminated most of our lawn, using beach stones, and creeping thyme ground cover.

However, we kept a small area of lawn, which we use as part of our happy aging program. We chose special grass seed which thrives in a salty environment. The research we did into suitable grass types has paid off in improved health and happiness for us, as we have a small area of lawn close to the quality of a putting green, and we enjoy walking barefoot on it.

The therapeutic act of walking barefoot on soft grass or smooth beach sand is called ‘Grounding’.

Mowing the grass is easy, with a light, battery powered quiet mower. For a six dollar investment, we bought a water sprinkler. Water usage is free here in rural NL ; our water comes from a nearby unpolluted lake. The sprinkler provides local sparrows with enjoyment as they enjoy bathing in it, and it is fun to watch God’s tiny creatures splashing around in the gentle spray.

The small lawn is our therapy lawn. It is lush, and soft, and we enjoy walking barefoot on this small manicured area of grass. Bugs are rare so close to the sea, and the salty air keeps mosquitos away. Newfoundland also has no snakes. Truly this is a blessed beautiful island.

There is a wealth of information online about the health benefits of walking on grass. Looking at the green colour reduces stress and promotes happiness and relaxation. Some studies say it can even reduce eyestrain. I have avoided needing reading glasses thus far. We love our tiny, therapeutic lawn !

18 thoughts on “Happy Aging Tip from Newfoundland

  1. I am a bit envious. I live in a tropical area with Hurricanes looming and Lots of rain. No good for one’s health. But too old to move.:)

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      1. No, I’m just an average Christian out here with no titles.

        It’s so nice to hear that you are in our area miss Bonnie!

        (I don’t have to tell you about the stifling humidity. You know all about it). 🀠

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      2. Average Christian with a heart for God, I believe. Been dry for a few days , which my old bones are enjoying.:))


  2. Good one, Sally, and good to see you posting again! We were contemplating buying a condo 15 years ago but my wife fancied our current house instead which has 2X the yard of our previous house. I do enjoy the large yard because there are therapeutic benefits. But I’m also looking forward to eventually moving to a condo and having no lawn weekend maintenance duties.

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  3. Welcome back! I missed your posts! Newfoundland sounds so relaxing and I didn’t even realize grass was so therapeutic. Thanks for the great tips. 😊


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