A Prayer For Shoes

Are you familiar with the expression : ‘Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes’? The phrase reminds us of the importance of being empathetic with others, and not judging them.

Most of us will never need to literally walk in someone else’s shoes, but here , in our seaside town, too many people wear second- hand shoes. There is lots of poverty here, as there is everywhere, of course. Many people are materially or spiritually poor.

My friend Pam operates a second-hand shoe store in the basement of our public building. In a pink notebook, Pam has neatly recorded over 3,000 pairs of donated shoes that she has given away.

Recently Pam has secured a sponsor who provides some new running shoes in large adult sizes.

Children, however, like new shoes too, and before school starts I take in new children’s shoes to Pam’s, with the price tags still attached in case someone wishes to exchange them.

Let us pray for those who foolishly buy ‘designer’ shoes for thousands of dollars, for those who wear hand-me-down shoes, and for those who have no shoes at all. And let us give thanks for our own shoes.

6 thoughts on “A Prayer For Shoes

  1. Thanks, Sally! Yes, I’m grateful for my pair of Timberlands and my sneakers. I need a good pair of sneaks to walk my five miles each day.


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