The Silent Treatment

Has anyone ever given you ‘The Silent Treatment ‘?

This occurs when someone is angry with you, but they won’t tell you why ! Perhaps you have also been tempted to give someone The Silent Treatment, instead of assertively telling them what they have done to offend you.

Giving someone The Silent Treatment , also called Stonewalling, is ineffective. It is a type of passive-aggressive behaviour, and can also be a form of emotional abuse. Please, assertively tell people when they have done something to offend you. Communicate carefully to resolve your differences. Relationships are precious !

I occasionally take entire days to spend in silence. My husband, however , knows that I do this because I love silence, and I become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit when I am silent. But I always tell him in advance when I am taking a silent day. He knows it is nothing personal !

On a recent silent day, in the garden, I noticed, in a corner , some daisies I had not planted. God had decided that those plants would grow in the rocky area. I thought of 1 Peter 1:24 :

‘All flesh is like grass, and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls, but the word of the Lord abides forever.’

Life is fleeting, and our friends and family are God’s gifts to us. Let us ask God for the grace to be effective communicators. Let us avoid giving others ‘ The Silent Treatment .’

20 thoughts on “The Silent Treatment

  1. ♡ I Agree EveryOne; yet to not give someone Linear Time is Dictatorial, go figure 🤔 ?



  2. Unfortunately, the silent treatment occurs a lot in marriage which can eventually leads to breakup. It is good that you and your husband have an understanding. This is the key. The flowers are lovely.

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  3. I’ve been busy so I was silent and just read this finding it very nicely explained. When I looked to see what others had to say I found that a few things that came to mind immediately that I was going to say had been mentioned already so I almost went silent. But, at last another thought came to my mind which is to say that whenever I’ve had very quiet time alone it allows me to reflect much more and better than any other time. So, to me it usually becomes what I think of as soul searching time, which we all need, to put things in our lives into perspective and perhaps to see or realize something important we overlooked in the frenzy at times of modern living! I see it as catching up and even catching your breath, giving us the opportunity to adjust or realign ourselves with the things that are most important to us, whatever they may be.
    Thanks for the reminder.


  4. My latest post regarding rebels wasn’t completed until this morning and now I can see how the bulk of what I wrote does again dovetail with your writing here in that being reflective and quiet is the opening up of our souls to the Holy Spirit at its best and that is when the right thoughts and words seem to pour out! If you get a moment see what you think and I’m always open to any input, yes even criticism!
    Fellow Blogger in Christ,


  5. Ecclesiastes 3:7 tells us there is a time to keep silent and a time to speak. To discern knowing when to speak and to be silent, we need to spend time communing with the Holy Spirit, and as for wisdom and discernment.

    I’m a introvert by nature. I don’t do well with small talk, I prefer to talk about something with some substances.

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      1. Thanks! I do rest on Sunday in between church, to honor and keep the day holy, as the scripture says, but I find a complete day at home in rest, going nowhere for the day is good, too. Very restful. I read, write, sit on my porch, close my eyes in my own silence and listen to nature…it’s so refreshing. I can imagine living by the seashore is is the same in a different way-lovely and peaceful. 💜

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