Secrets of the Closet

Do you believe that we can learn much about a person’s personality by looking in their clothes closet ? I always advise young couples considering marriage to have a peek in their prospective spouse’s closet. Much can be learned here regarding someone’s tidyiness level, and the value they put on clothing. You may be surprised at how many spousal disagreements arise when couples have differing standards of neatness and tidyness .

My closet contains few items. I consider clothing as an investment and I buy relatively few clothes.

I make sure however, that the clothes are of excellent quality, that they fit well, and that they are made of natural fabrics. This is also an excellent reminder not to gain extra weight. I use wooden hangers so that the clothes retain their shape better. My favourite navy blue blazer is now 18 years old !

If you have a closet, with several changes of clothing in it, please consider yourself very fortunate and blessed. Many people in the world have no closets, and rarely wear any new items of clothing. Let us remember always to thank God for the clothes He provides for us, and let us also pray for the millions of people who work in the production of clothing. Many of them work under very difficult conditions. Let us never take clothing, nor clothes closets for granted.

7 thoughts on “Secrets of the Closet

  1. ◇ Diamond Hard is Relationship with Head
    ♡ Heart Soft is Relationship with Instinct
    ♤ The Key is Balance


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  2. You made think of my closet and thought how grateful I am to have one. We tend to take these things for granted and it is good to reflect and thank God for the blessings.


  3. Thanks, Sally! This post reminds me that my wife and I are polar opposites when it comes to clothes. I’m a stereotypical male with zero fashion sense (aka clothes consciousness) or inclination. It’s good for me that dress standards at work have devolved in the last decade to jeans and a polo shirt. My wife on the other hand is a sharp dresser, although she does most of her shopping these days at 2nd hand clothing stores. Yes, I am grateful for the material blessings and especially for the spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus! This discussion of clothing brings to mind the parable of the great wedding banquet (Matthew 22). The Father through the Holy Spirit bids sinners to come to salvation and provides the wedding clothes (the perfect righteousness of His Son) by which we are accepted and redeemed.


    1. Thanks for reminding me about the parable of the wedding banquet…and the man that did not have the proper garment. Actually the Bible says quite a bit about clothes. Jesus wore a seamless garment, possibly woven by his mother.
      2nd hand clothing stores often have remarkable bargains. I often wonder if Christians would be more effective if we all wore uniforms , like the salvation army. But we do have a uniform. It is a spiritual uniform of the heart.

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