Crime in the Backyard

We observed a crime in the backyard yesterday !

We heard three loud sounds that sounded like gunshots, and we hurried to the back windows.

We saw what was making the loud noises. It was a whale, flapping its gigantic tail hard against the waters of the North Atlantic. It was angry !

There was a tour boat that had come too close to the whale. Government regulations require that all tour boats stay at least 100 meters away from the whales, so as not to harass them. This tour boat was much closer than 100 meters, and it was clearly upsetting the whale. We have a powerful spotting scope set up so that see can observe the whales splashing and spouting, and we can observe when boats are approaching them too closely, or when the boats are actually chasing them.

The giant mammal thumping his tail was expressing his annoyance at being bothered while he was feeding. He thumped his tail continually as a warning, and to communicate to other whales to stay away. We counted 11 loud banging sounds.

Yes, we did report the tour boat’ s violation to the appropriate government enforcement agency. Boats getting too close to whales and purposely bothering them is considered a criminal offense in Canadian waters.

If you listen carefully to the Holy Spirit’s quiet prompting, He will often give you new ideas regarding how you can continue to serve God in ways that you had not previously considered.

The new ministry we are involved in now is “watching the whale watchers”.

10 thoughts on “Crime in the Backyard

  1. How wonderful to be able to watch a whale 🐳. And good on you for keeping out for the whale watchers. Wish everyone would respect nature and animals while enjoying their presence

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    1. Yes, so true. God has made so many beautiful creatures for his enjoyment, and for ours. The one creature that is absent here at the North Atlantic is one that I don’t miss. It is the mosquito. 🤗

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