Do You Smile at Yourself ?

Do you smile at yourself when you look in the mirror ? It is the first thing I do in the morning, upon seeing my reflection in the mirror. It is my way of thanking God for being here to greet another day.

I always smile at others here in our friendly community, and most people smile back. However, when I return to Toronto, I avoid eye contact with others in public, as that is the societal norm there.

If we are feeling sad, and we choose to smile anyway, we feel happier. There is much data on the internet to support this.

I was examining my toothpaste tube this morning. It has a warning on it ! It says that it is poisonous if swallowed. I guess I will be shopping for healthier toothpastes at the Healthy Products store in the City from now on.

God loves us, let us rejoice and be glad.

17 thoughts on “Do You Smile at Yourself ?

  1. I use ‘Tom’s’ no fluoride. Yeah, I smile at myself in the mirror, maybe more like laugh because it seems I grew old way too fast and the guy in the mirror is looking less and less like I remember him. I guess I do it to amuse myself. It does cheer me up though.


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