The Mysterious Ear Shaped Object

Have you ever found something in your house, and did not recognize immediately what it was ?

I found an ear-shaped object beside my coffee maker this morning. Upon examining it, and smelling it, I discovered that it was half of a barbeque potato chip, evidence that my husband has again been smuggling junk food into the house.

I put the chip in the garbage, and said nothing to my husband. I remembered the words of my sweet and loving father, just before he walked me down the aisle on my wedding day. He told me to be a good cook, and to never nag my husband. Excellent advice, and biblical too, for Proverbs 19:13 describes the misery of living with a contentious ( nagging) wife.

Sometimes we are kinder to strangers than we are to our own family members. There is nothing that is more contagious than mood. If one member of a household is habitually cranky, or quarellsome, whether it is a wife, a husband, child, or other family member, the whole atmosphere of a home can quickly become unpleasant.

Let us ask God for the grace to speak to everyone kindly and graciously, especially the members of our own household.

16 thoughts on “The Mysterious Ear Shaped Object

  1. So true that there is nothing more contagious than a mood and it affects the whole household. And yes may we have the grace to treat everyone kindly.
    Thankyou for this reminder today πŸ™‚

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  2. I think that it is better for family members to discuss things honestly, calmly and sincerely…
    I have realized that forbidden fruits are the sweetest…
    Each person has the freedom to choose whatever he or she wants but is responsible for the ups and downs of his or her choices …Bear the fruits or consequences of the choices you take …
    With freedom comes responsibility…

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      1. Better to reduce them than to completely avoid them … I think that health is also in our energy frequency that we choose in the form of thoughts , emotions , intentions and actions as well…It is not only our minds but also our hearts and spirits …

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