Snow in Summer

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in anywhere ?

It is a lonely experience. We left the Catholic Church after two priests were dismissed and the parishioners were given no explanation.

Then we worshipped at home for a while, before exploring some other churches.

We thought we had found a new church home a few weeks ago. It had a beautiful pipe organ, and we felt happy singing familiar traditional hymns.

However, last weekend the minister made an announcement that made me gasp. The gasp was audible, but involuntary. When the names of the people getting married were announced, I realized it was two women.

The body of Christ appears to be facing more division, when we should be seeking greater unity.

The picture is of flowers called Snow in Summer. They bloom quite happily in our salty environment.

My husband and I are still searching for a church family.

19 thoughts on “Snow in Summer

  1. Sally, I could feel your shock while reading this. I pray that you find a church home that preaches the Gospel of grace and is faithful to God’s Word. We had to search for a new church home a couple of times ourselves in the last five years.


  2. Oh wow!!
    We left the practice of Roman Catholicism and are still trying to find a place too πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•


  3. Wow! This is a bombshell. The churches are conforming to the patterns of this world. Continue to trustthe Lord to lead you to the right place. Maybe you and your husband should conduct bible studies and prayer meetings at home.


  4. You did right to not align yourself with a group that endorses such wickedness as same sex marriage.

    But don’t feel bad, we haven’t found a church home either.
    You and your family aren’t alone.


    1. Hi Lee ! It seems that with talking to others, such as yourself, that there are actually many of us who have not found a church home. But the Lord assures us that He understands this, and loves us as members of the Body of Christ. I did, however , write the leadership of the United Church of Canada to let them know that their view of marriage does not line up with God’s word. Perhaps my opinion does not matter to them, but Christians need to speak up whenever we can. πŸ€—

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      1. That’s good that you wrote them about that, because if they don’t get pushback, they’ll possibly assume that everyone is okay with such policies.

        Good job! 🀠


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