Living Without A Car

Do you enjoy driving a vehicle? Cars and trucks are an important part of our society. I have a car, but rarely drive. It is not necessary in our little town on the sea.

There is a boardwalk beside our house, which surrounds a lovely tidal pond. We walk this route to get uptown, to go to the Post Office, or do errands.

There are lots of ducks and their babies on the pond. Seagulls, Sandpipers, and other birds are content here.

On my way back home, I observe the drama in the shallow water. There are baby snow crabs here. They are playing ! I watch them scurrying sideways and peeking out from behind rocks. When the baby crabs get big, they will move out into the ocean. Fishermen will catch them, they will be processed in our local fish plant, and shipped overseas to be eaten by someone in China.

I do not eat crabs, for I have watched them playing when they were babies.

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