We Were All Mindful Once

What do you think about all the talk about ‘Mindfulness’ these days ? It is a simple concept. At one time, as young children, we were all mindful. The concept of Mindfulness, at its core, is simply paying attention, being in the ‘now’. We need to pay attention to the present, to what is happening in each moment. Many of us are living hurried, distracted lives , and are complaining about being stressed. For Christians, we need to train ourselves to be aware of God being with us at every moment. This does take practise, but Christ promises us his peace if we stay focused on his presence with us, and his care for us in every circumstance. Like me, my son is mindful. He is highly intuitive, and has a phenomenal memory.

I recently sent him this picture I posted, and asked if he remembered it being taken. He recalled exactly what was happening. He was looking at an empty film container. We used film in cameras in those days.

May God grant us the grace to pay attention to the moments of our lives, as they are passing.

13 thoughts on “We Were All Mindful Once

  1. Good thoughts and sweet photo! Yes, “mindfulness” and “living intentionally” are very popular themes in secular culture these days. But without Christ, even these positive-sounding behaviors are vanity and foolishness. I was chasing after mindfulness and living intentionally before accepting Christ and I wrote a post about it. I got a chuckle out of my last statement because six months later, I follow a decent fitness regimen:

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    1. Hi Tom :
      I read your earlier, interesting post. Yes, I so agree, people discussing spirituality without Christ at the centre are going to be hugely disappointed. I do a lot of yoga stretches, but not yoga itself, due to its Hindu spirituality. But resting in the present moment with the Lord, I believe is the essence of feeling the peace that Christ promises us. Staying in the present moment prevents us from worrying. 🤗

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  2. Thankyou for this reminder. I needed to hear this. Have been having a crazy busy few days and felt rushed and stressed. I am going to try and be more mindful of God in the now and just enjoy each moment.

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    1. I am glad you enjoyed this post. God constantly invites us to remember that He is always with us, sees what we are doing, and invites us to relax, knowing that He has all of our moments under control. We are his beloved. 🤗

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