Blooming Where We Are Planted

I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind, but now I see. These words, from the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’, represent my life.

I was once lost in the pursuit of materialism. My husband and I lived a decadent lifestyle. There was, for example, the year we flew to the Canadian Arctic, just to see the 24 hour sun on June 21. Of course, materialism never satisfies.

I went to church sometimes, and tried to be ‘good.’

One time at church , I heard my neighbour Anne, a righteous woman , give her testimony about how she had led a very rebellious life before she had repented and turned to Jesus. I was greatly moved and inspired by Anne ! A few weeks later, I shyly went to her house , and told her of my inner emptiness. She prayed for me, and then led me in the Sinner’s Prayer, and I asked Jesus into my life. Anne has continued to be my ‘spiritual mom’ and mentor for 31 years.

Jesus did not promise us, his followers , easy lives. He warned us that in a world hostile to Christians, we would face persecution. However, despite difficult circumstances, Jesus gives us joy, peace, and strength to overcome difficult times. We know He is always with us, and thus we live abundant lives overflowing with spiritual riches.

In Christ we have the victory.

The picture of pink Sea Thrift flowers growing in a rocky part of my garden represents the victory of the Christian life to me.

24 thoughts on “Blooming Where We Are Planted

  1. All beliefs that lead to peace , love and joy regardless of the outside circumstances is very good …
    The best thing is to have freedom of faith and opinion …


  2. Beautiful testimony Sally! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad Anne has helped you. The Lord always puts the right people in our lives.


  3. Christian life is not a walk in the park. It has duties we all have to fulfill as Lord’s children. Our being such is more of a blessing and privilege.

    May God bless you more for this inspiring post!


  4. What a beautifully simple testimony – your neighbor was living out her faith, you told her of your emptiness, and she led you to Jesus. ❤ If only it were always that simple. (I guess we COULD try living out our faith every day and see what happens. 😉 )


    1. Thanks so much. I knew my neighbour had something I didn’t have. As Christians, we know that others are always watching us. We never know whom we might lead to the Lord. 🤗


  5. Thank yo for sharing your testimony. SO true that we will continue to have problems in this life, but Jesus tells us to be of good cheer because he has overcome the world. 🙂


  6. I agree that this is a simple and beautiful testimony. Thank you, Sally. In one moment of humility, we are changed…our direction is changed…and we begin our journey back to our Savior. The running stops. We begin the journey of love and forgiveness, especially forgiving ourselves. Once He has our “Yes”, He begins the process of restoration with our permission. He is a God of restoration.
    The churches/denominations have complicated salvation and new life in Jesus. It’s a simple walk of repentance, faith and surrender day by day, sometimes hour by hour. A phrase from the song In The Garden is apt…”and He walks with me and He talks with me…and He tells me I am His own”.
    Religious ways lead to Rome. True faith comes out of Jerusalem and Israel and getting to know His character and ways by daily reading of His Word. He is The Word made flesh. Jesus (Yeshua) was a Jew. Mary and Joseph were Jews. All the apostles were Jews (Luke a convert). All the writers of the New Testament were Jewish. Wonder who stuck color and denomination on them? The most important decision in life is to humble our hearts, repent of past sins, and ask Jesus to come in and clean us up. A clean slate, like when the teacher erases the board. THAT’S WHEN WE BEGIN TO REALLY KNOW WE HAVE AN ENEMY who hates Jesus and hates those who love Jesus. That’s when the fun begins! It is vital to stay in The Word. The temptations that Jesus was tempted with in Matthew 4 is ours too, in one form or another, and we respond with the Word as Jesus did. Our enemy has no power over the Word or the Precious Blood of Jesus. My heart swells with gratitude.

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  7. I believe we all have an “Anne” in our lives. God places them there. But we ignore them or run from them because they’re not the kind of “angel” we hoped for. Not the right height. Not the right color. Not the right tone of voice. these of course are not reasons, they are excuses. I can think of at least 3 people God used to get my attention. They were living out what they believed. I wasn’t. And I thought I was a Christian. That was 1982. I have been living it out ever since. Not living it up – living it out. It’s a walk. God’s blessings on all of you.

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