A Prayer For Coffee

Do you enjoy a morning cup of coffee ? Over two billion cups of coffee are consumed daily around the world. However, there is a crisis happening in the global coffee market.

The organic coffee I enjoy , is , according to the company, grown in Peru. The small green and blue label on the left hand side of the box tells me that it is supported by Fair Trade, which ensures that coffee farmers are paid a fair wage for their coffee beans.

Because there is currently an oversupply of coffee on the global market, many farmers , who are not a part of Fair Trade agreements, are unable to make a profit from their crops. In Peru, for example, coffee farmers are abandoning their farms in order to work on illegal coca plantations. Coca is the main ingredient in cocaine. Fair Trade agreements allow coffee growers to form collectives. There is strength in numbers.

Coffee farmers from Honduras have joined the stream of migrants coming to the American border.

We can all do our small part to fight global poverty. There is promise that Fair Trade can indeed help coffee growers, most of whom live in poverty.

It is interesting to discover how and where the coffee we enjoy is grown. God sees. God knows. God cares.

9 thoughts on “A Prayer For Coffee

      1. Some alternative solutions are planting some trees or other kinds of agricultural irrigation for industrial products and car biofuels … They would reap the benefits in few years …
        Please , we shall all pray for a more equitable and fairer world resource management…


  1. Something else …Farmers have a better job tapping into more creativity and inspiration . One alternative solution is planting fast growing trees for industrial production or biofuels for cars …
    Example , in Brazil, I have heard that ethanol fuels for cars are extracted from bamboos or some plabts that have oversupply…This could increase demand and give us zero or neutral carbon emissions..


  2. I enjoy your posts, and often you have topics that are a surprise, and are very interesting.
    Thank you for what you share with us.

    I don’t know if y’all have ever tried my kind of coffee up there where y’all live.

    But I drink coffee with chicory.
    I’ve come to love it so much, that it’s the only kind that I buy for myself. (“French market” and “community coffee” are brands that I buy that have chicory mixed into the coffee).

    Give it a try sometime if you’re ever interested in trying something really different in coffee flavor).


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