A Happy Surprise From the Sea

Do you enjoy walking along a beach ? It is a relaxing experience. Beaches everywhere, however, remind us that human carelessness has caused the oceans to fill with debris, as scientists tell us.

Once, after a storm, we found the beach littered with four empty Lamb’s Rum bottles, and hundreds of cigarette butts. Another time we found a stuffed little doggie wearing a Santa Claus hat. Our Golden Retriever enjoyed playing with that. It must have smelled amazing to her.

Our favourite find, so far, is a happy faced Hackysack ball. It has provided us with hours of enjoyment, as we practise throwing and catching the little soft cheerful ball in the kitchen , after our morning coffee. It is good to practise our hand-eye co-ordination !

It is raining today in rural Newfoundland. The weather whiners will be active today, for sure.

However, the cheerful Hackysack ball reminds us that this is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. And the little happy face reminds us that God is pleased when we all co-operate to protect the earth that He has created for us.

17 thoughts on “A Happy Surprise From the Sea

  1. Good , I have heard about an organization 4oceans that cleans the plastic in the ocean to recycle the plastic and make bracelets out of the recycled plastic to sell and offer jobs to people …


    1. Yes, a very good idea. We should all have bracelets to remind us to take care of the planet . We have a company here that makes sea salt by evaporating ocean water. However, the ocean contains so much plastic that the sea salt also contains trace amounts of plastic. We have whales behind the house, and there is danger for these huge mammals in swallowing plastics.


  2. Sally, thank you for these uplifting personal vignettes. I’m enjoying them! Not so uplifting: as the temperatures of the oceans rise, we’re starting to see more and more stories on the TV news about sharks swimming in waters they used to avoid and the rise of harmful bacteria in the water.


    1. Everything is changing, Tom. Usually the whales are here by now, but they are late this year. Usually we have five or six of them splashing around behind the house. They make sounds like lions roaring when they communicate with each other. Lobster fishermen catch lobsters behind the house but we never see any of them. They get shipped off somewhere. Much of our fish ends up in Japan.

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  3. I live in a tropical climate in the USA. It rains often but we are used to that. Don’t mind rain but when itl lasts a week, I get antsy. lol


  4. I whined about the weather one winter when I was in Vancouver for a week. It rained 90% of the time. I’m uncertain whether it rains that much in Newfoundland.

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    1. Hi ! Actually Vancouver is really rainy, for sure.
      Here, we don’t get much heavy rain, but some days can be drizzly and foggy.
      But this is good weather for the complexion. πŸ€—


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